Your New Fitness Buddies

It’s April! That means the first quarter of 2015 is over we’re three months past our New Year’s resolutions. If any of your resolutions included fitness and healthy living goals, O2O member Laura Gonzalez is sharing some apps today that can either help you get back on track or give you a boost to keep going.

By Laura Gonzalez

your new fitness buddiesWorking out is not something that comes easy to everyone. You have to find the time, the motivation and what workout is right for you. There are so many workout options out there today, which one is best for you? I know I used to get so confused when trying to figure out what exercises and diets were the best ones. I would get to the gym and not know exactly what to do. I’d heard certain exercises weren’t worth doing but that there were certain ones that would help get those 6-pack abs. So which ones are the bad ones and which are the good ones?

I have discovered some great fitness apps. These apps are the best thing that I’ve found for my personal fitness. I also recommend getting a music player app on your phone. I personally have Pandora and Spotify, but I use Spotify more due to the fact that I can make my own playlists.

These are the must have fitness apps that help me with my workouts and diets.


myfitnesspal logoMost people have heard of this app. MyFitnessPal keeps track of your calorie intake and the calories you burn. It allots you a certain amount of daily calorie intake. It keeps track of things so that you don’t have to. I don’t know about you, but I personally do not have time to write down every single thing and then do the calculations myself. My FitnessPal is my new fitness buddy.


Fitness Buddy

fitness buddy logoFitness Buddy is an app that lets you make your own workout plan. It shows you how to do certain exercises. You can explore exercises by muscle or body region. You can also save favorites and design the perfect workout plan just for you.



stickk logoThis app is for making your own goal contract. When making goals, sometimes you can slip a little on the path to your end results. StickK makes a contract with you. Which is additional motivation to keep you on track. You create the contract and you decide the terms. You can specify how much weight you want to lose, by what date and what the consequences of not obtaining your goal are. You can have no consequences, or if you don’t obtain your goal by the date in your contract you can donate to charity or give money to your friend (similar to a bet).

To find out more must have fitness apps go to

Special shout out to O2O for letting me guest post! I loved writing this post.

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  1. I love this post! And yes it is hard at times to know what is right to do for your own body when it comes to fitness. I love the app suggestions too. I have used RunKeeper for the last few years and love that and someone else introduced me to Sworkit. I will definitely check out your suggestions! Thanks!

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