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We are so pleased and excited to be a Media Partner for #BlogHer16! This year’s conference will be simply amazing, just take a look at this schedule! Everything from technology to writing to community is covered in two days of info-filled sessions.

#BlogHer16: Experts Among Us, the world’s largest conference for women content creators, will hit the red carpet in downtown Los Angeles, August 4-6th. And we want YOU to join us for an amazing lineup of educational programming, networking, and high-profile keynote speakers (like Mayim Bialik and Sarah Michelle Gellar.)

We have a full BlogHer ’16 blogger/social media influencer conference pass* (ARV: $399) to giveaway to a One2One Network member! To be eligible for the giveaway you must be a One2One Network member in good standing having successfully completed at least one campaign within the past year. (See giveaway notes** below for more details.)

To enter the giveaway, leave one comment telling us: What you want to gain professionally AND personally by attending the conference. (Yes, we want to know both!)

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Giveaway ends at midnight (PT), Monday, May 23, 2016. Winner will be drawn from all eligible entries via random draw and notified via email no later than Friday, May 27th.

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*Full conference pass includes admission to all conference programming, meals, breaks, sponsor areas, parties and expo floor on Friday and Saturday. You are responsible for your travel, accommodations, and any additional expenses.

**No Purchase Necessary. Void Where Prohibited By Law. Entry period will run from Monday, May 9, 2016 through midnight (PT), Monday, May 23, 2016. Entries must be received in those time frames to be valid. Contest is open to One2One Network members, 18 years of age or older, and a resident of the United States of America or Canada. Conference pass recipients will be chosen via random draw and notified via email. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to the email accepting their prize. If no response is made within 48 hours, a second winner will be chosen. Winner will be announced once prize acceptance has been confirmed and no later than June 30, 2016. Approximate cash value of the conference pass is $399. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash value. Winners are responsible for any taxes. Offered prize is one (1) Full Conference Ticket. Travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the winner. Please see Official Rules for Giveaways.**


  1. My personal AND professional goal for BlogHer is the same: connection. I want to connect with other bloggers for professional development, but also just because there are such amazing people out there that I want to get to know better.

  2. I want to learn how to budget time between my professional life and personal life better.

  3. I want to gain the knowledge from experienced and professional bloggers to help take my blog to the next level. I want to get out and meet new people, make new friends and grow as a person.

  4. I would love to go to BlogHer16 because blogging is my business. I want to dive in and learn as much as I can on this subject so I can help others live their dreams as a blogger. Personally I would love to go so I can connect with other powerful, like-minded bloggers.

  5. I would love to attend BlogHer 16 to meet so many of my online blogging friends. I also always get so much out of going to a conference. It regenerates me as a blogger and really excites me to learn so many things I never even though about for my blog. I really want to learn how to consistently grow my blog and learn to zero in on a niche.

  6. I am VERY shy. Once I come out of my shell I’ll be the life of the party, but the idea of “networking” has always been so intimidating to me. Attending Blogher would help me grow simultaneously grow both professionally and personally by forcing me to come out of my shell and not be so shy! I’d love to get to know fellow influencers, grow my blog and build my social media accounts, particularly instagram! Getting to attend Blogher would be a phenomenal experience.

  7. I hope to gain professionally by connecting with other bloggers and learning more about making money with my blog. I hope to gain personally with making new friends.

  8. I would love to participate in this conference for more motivation to blog and inspiration! Would love to meet you there as well, and hear the speakers!

  9. By attending BlogHer every year I always benefit professionally from the many informal chats I have with blogging friends on the subject of blogging and by networking with brands and PR reps. Personally I have a blast hanging out with friends I don’t get to see nearly as often as I would like!

  10. I always love attending conferences and connecting with brands!

  11. Not only I’d like to attend to connect with brands and other bloggers, but I believe it would be the perfect way to find inspiration and direction. 🙂

  12. I’d love to be able to attend to network with other bloggers! Not only for the personal aspect of making new friends (always good!) but to learn from each other and share ideas.

  13. I hope to gain some new connections with brands and PR companies professionally and then learning to hone my writing skills even more.

  14. Personally, I’d love to get to know other like-minded game changers in the industry! Professionally, I’d love to collaborate with these game changers!

  15. Professionally, I think this BlogHer event would be a perfect opportunity to jump back into the blogging world and renew connections after a long blogging break. Personally, the chance to rejuvenate and connect with smart, savvy women would be so very appreciated, as well as beneficial to my spirit as I’ve had a transitional past few years.

  16. Yes I Want To Go To #BlogHer16! On a Professional level, I would definitely say the Networking Connections! I believe all those that would be present are Active Bloggers/Content Curators/Entrepreneurs or should I call them “Blogpreneurs”, have I just coined a new word?!? The ability to meet and more importantly engage/learn from these individuals would be invaluable!
    On a personal note, it would help “jumpstart” my “Move Forward” stage of life, As a 52 year “old” woman (Never married/No kids) who was a longtime Caregiver (my Mother passed away from complications due to ALZ on 9/4/13), who has had my own set of setbacks (personal/physical/financial), the time to make Changes is NOW, it is my firm belief that these changes will allow me to realize my personal and professional goals (both commercial and philanthropic)!

  17. My professional goal for attending the conference is to learn more about social media promotion for my blog. My personal goal is to gain valuable connections while there!

  18. Professionally, I want to learn more about the latest blogging strategies, especially video. For myself, I want to connect with blog friends who I only see at conferences. I went to BlogHer 2014 and LOVED it.

  19. I would love to learn different writing techniques to best describe items and I would love to learn how to better do video reviews!! Thanks for the chance!

    • oops….I forgot to add….personally, I would just love to get away from the kids and have a little kid free time and be a person rather than just a mommy!

  20. I went to the first 6 BlogHer’s and can speak to the impact that attending the conference has done for me personally and professionally. This year I’d like to learn how I can take my content to the next level, what brands/networks/and agencies are expecting, how to create more engaging content. Also I know the value of networking and am looking to learn from my peers.

  21. I would love to make some important contacts with key speakers, companies, and other bloggers. I am a review blogger that is looking to branch out and blog about more than that. I’ve never been to a convention like this. I am always jealous of the bloggers that have the opportunity to go because of the sheer professional connections that can be made.

    On a personal level it would be great to go on vacation and do something I enjoy which is blogging. I can already think of the great blog opportunities I’d have.

    here is my tweet:

  22. I have been to BlogHer Food a few times and love it. I would love to branch out of my foodie world and see what the other conference has to off. Networking with new people and companies would be good for my business! Also, personally, I think I deserve a trip to Cali away from the kiddos for a few days.

  23. Emily Ploch says:

    I want to gain knowledge on how to get interaction on social media. Personally, I want to gain blogging buddies!

  24. I want to make new connections, interact with bloggers like myself and more experienced bloggers to learn from them. Form some new friendships and widen my knowledge with the insight of the speakers. I have never been to blogher and would really like to make 2016 the year I make that a reality. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  25. Kellie says:

    i’d love to meet other bloggers and find out how to push my blog to the next level. this works for both pro & private reasons.. twitter done!

  26. I would love to attend blogger on a professional level to network and make some connections with brands as well as other bloggers. Also, I have an upcoming cookbook coming out so it would be great to be able to promote it as well.

    On a personal level, I would love to be able to visit LA, a city I have always wanted to visit. I would also love to write a travel post about my trip.

  27. Being a shy person, the conference would help me grow personally as well as professionally. It will help me gain confidence to grow my brand and create lasting relationships with new friends.

  28. Monica Lavoie says:

    Professionally I would love to learn new ways to grow my blog audience and personally I would love to connect with other bloggers like myself. It’s all about connections!

  29. By attending the conference, I want to have the chance to meet other bloggers, learn further about being a social media influencer, gain social skills and be confident about public speaking. I also would like to add to my experience in event photography and I love to capture moments and document them in my stories.

  30. Personally, I’d like to meet some of the lovely bloggers I only know online and have a little SoCal vaca.
    Professionally, I’d like to connect with brands and learn more about photography and video.

    Here’s my tweet:

  31. I would love to go to BlogHer to meet and network with all the other amazing bloggers and hear inspiring stories. BlogHer always has the best lineup of speakers and teaches the most impactful ways to grow your blog.

  32. Personally I want to learn more about managing my time. Professionally I want to learn more about writing evergreen articles.

  33. I would love to attend BlogHer 2016 and refocus my blogging efforts.

  34. I would love to attend #Blogher16! I hope to gain professionally the many tips and ways to make my blog strong and powerful among all the others out there! AND personally by attending the conference I plan to network with other bloggers and gain life long friends! Conferences are awesome!

  35. As a veteran blogger, I would like to go to BlogHer 16 to take my business to the next level, distinguish myself, and really hone in on what I am good at and have to offer brands. I’d also like to connect both personally and professionally with brands and influencers to get a fresh new take on the latest in social media.

  36. Professionally, I would gain so much knowledge and focus from being amongst a room of my peers. I know that I will grow from engaging within my community. Personally, I will make influential connections with the sisterhood of BlogHer. I cannot think of a better way to spend my time.

  37. I would love to go so I can become a rock star on my blog! And personally, I would love to meet some of the fabulous bloggers and speakers there to form friendships. Not sure if I qualify because I am currently working on a campaign, but would love to be considered!

  38. I would love to attend my very first conference, and make contacts, and new friends. I’m So excited to see all of the key speakers, and see what’s next with brands/bloggers/companies. This opportunity would help me to take my little food blog to the next level, and give me the knowledge and confidence I need to succeed in my business! Thanks for this opportunity!

    Link to tweet:

  39. I’d love to attend my first Blogher to learn more about taking my blog to the next step specifically in terms fo monetization.

    Personally, I’d just look forward to meeting more bloggers in person!

  40. Outside of my role as a lifestyle blogger, I also work in marketing for an exhibit design house and we designed booths for a few clients attending this show a couple years back. After the event, I heard nothing but wonderful things from our customers and since then, I have had it on my bucket list to help me expand my professional and personal goals in both of my worlds. As a Chicago blogger, I am already part of such a wonderful community full of inspiration and supportive, talented women and this event could only add to that by helping me connect with like-minded creative individuals. I would look forward to all the learning opportunities but also bringing back knowledge to share with our reader base. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Personally, I’m looking to build confidence and friendships. I’ve never really traveled alone, except for one smaller blogging conference years ago. It was a little scary and a lot amazing, and I’ve always considered BlogHer to be “the one.” It’s one of my biggest career and even life goals.
    Professionally, I’m looking to find out so much about the kind of blogging I just started doing – sponsored. This would be a dream come true, and I’d take my professional camera too.
    I’d be nervous, but the kind of nervous that makes you know you’re doing something right in life. It took me most of my adulthood to find the one thing I loved more than anything – food, photography, writing. And blogging is how I do all in one!

  42. Professionally, I feel as if I have plateaued, so I am hoping that this conference will help me reach the next level. Personally, I would love to connect with more bloggers and grow as I meet and collaborate with them. I feel that we are stronger as a team, rather than individually.
    This is an incredible experience that I would love to take part in! I am a BlogHer contributor and I work with many of the participating brands. I would love to meet the people. face to face, that I work with and interact with. Thank you for the chance to take part in the giveaway! I look forward to hopefully seeing you there!

    Here is my tweet

  43. I would love to attend the conference to meet other like minded ladies and to learn from all the panelists on how to be a better blogger so my readers can best benefit from the information I have to share.

    Here’s my tweet

  44. I want to gain new relationships and step out of my comfort zone.

  45. I would love to go to #BlogHer16 because professional I have learned that it truly matters WHO you know. I want to connect and learn from other great bloggers who specialize in pinnable content as I think that is the future of blogging. My trusted blogging circle is very small right now and I would love to expand it and find ways to be helpful to other bloggers. Personally I would love to focus on my own passion, blogging, and my education in this area. I homeschool 4 of our children and my days seem to be all about their education, I would love some times to focus on my own education to grow my blog.

  46. First off, thank you so much for this opportunity! Living in Hawaii I’m very limited when it comes to networking, that’s why conferences are important. Professionally I’d love to gain a chance to network with fellow bloggers and influencers. I’d personally love to gain more knowledge in my passion: blogging. I’ve been writing for many years, since I was an child and blogging has become a passion, not just a job. I’d love to find a way to better my writing, networking, business and more through this conference.

  47. I want to engage and connect both professional and what it takes to be that success story. We all need to stay true to ourselves so I just want to keep learning and growing from my fellow bloggers and key note speakers!

  48. Melissa Botelho says:

    Personally-I have never been to a blogger conference so I would like to attend and see what it is like and to meet other wonderful bloggers. Professionally I would like to get to know the companies that are looking for blogger for partnerships and also meet some that i have already worked for not to mention see how we both can grow our exposure .

  49. I want to attend Blogher because (a) I have never been but have heard amazing things. (b) Professionally I want to move forward and offer my readers so much more. Ebooks, printables, etc. I feel like I am in a hump of monetizing my business and am not sure where to go. (c) Personally, I want to meet more bloggers and move outside of my bubble. I have only attended Blended Conference because it’s local. I would love to spread my wings a little bit and come out of my shell to find new bloggers to befriend! (And meet some of my friends who live in the computer, in real life!)

  50. Personally I would love to connect with so many bloggers I’ve met online but have yet to meet face-to-face! Professionally I know that BlogHer has some of the greatest brands represented at their Expo and sponsoring the conference and I would love a chance to connect with them!

  51. I have never been to a blogging conference before. I have however heard many a great things about BlogHer and would love to go to expand my knowledge as a freelance writer and come out of my shell. I have come a long way in the two years I have been blogging but I feel I can do so much more. I think BlogHer overall would help me out a great deal with going beyond what I already know.

  52. This year I want to focus on the business of doing business and network with all the awesome bloggers. I was so inspired last year and I learned so much! I can’t wait to learn more and be inspired!

  53. I would to attend Blogher 16 for the experience both personally and professionally. I would love to grow and network with other bloggers to expand my horizon. I would also love to see what new and exciting thing are out there for the future of my business

  54. I would love to go to this conference. I already live in Southern California so it is easy to get to for me. I want to learn how to get my blog to the next level and do more with my blog v

  55. I want to meet other bloggers and learn a few tricks of the trade on instagram and twitter.

  56. My blog has been in limbo for the past two years, so professionally I’m hoping to catch up on all of the technology and regulations I’ve missed! Personally, I’d love to have fun meeting bloggers whose stellar content I can share with my readers.

  57. As a single Mom, I am growing my online presence to support my family financially. BlogHer would give me tools to meet that goal. Professionally I need improvement in all areas! Personally- I could just really use a break and a weekend with girlfriends!!

  58. I would love to professionally learn to be a better blogger and Brand ambassador. I would also professionally like to connect with other professional to talk and learn how to move forward with blogging.

    On a personal note this would be my first ever big conference and since i can’t afford to buy a pass and since i haven’t found a sponsor winning this would be a dream Plus I would also love to connect woth other blogger and finally out faces to names.

  59. Personally, I love going to Blogher because it gives me a chance to connect with my online friends who live far away. That time is so special and important, and it’s always a highlight of my summer. Plus, Blogher throws great parties!
    Professionally, I love the chance to see the keynotes, which always inspire and motivate me in ways that reading articles just can’t do. I also love the opportunities to connect with brands who are interested in partnering with bloggers.

  60. What I want to learn professionally is how to pitch brands and personally, I want to connect with other bloggers in my niche.

  61. Attending BlogHer would be amazing for myself personally and professionally. I have been blogging since 2009, but for the past couple of years have felt as if I am at a stand-still. I am hoping to gain some inspiration, as well as some tools to get me out of my funk. And of course the opportunity to spend time with fellow writers and creators is a huge benefit!

  62. I’d like to gain more friends! I love going to BlogHer to meet lots of new people! I also want to learn more about incorporating more videos into my site!

  63. I went to BlogHer in 2012 and was so overwhelmed with everything that I was actually turned off by the whole ordeal. Now that I know what to expect, I will be better prepared for everything. I would like to go to BlogHer to reconnect with other bloggers that I met in the past and have since lost touch with, to meet new friends and to really dive into blogging within my niche. I didn’t plan things out well last time I went, and missed many of the classes, so it would be nice to be able to schedule things and be able to take advantage of all the great info that is presented.

  64. Being able to listen to like minded individuals and bloggers speak about subjects that would allow me to help me become a better blogger and reach the potential I know I’m capable of yet am struggling with would be a life changing experience. Meeting PR professionals and bloggers I’m been communicating with for year online would be a big plus. And Helping me move past my comfort zone is at the top of my learning list.
    Thank you.

  65. I have been blogging since 2009 and blogging full time for almost 2 years. Each time I attend a conference, I am energized with new ideas, new connections and new friendships. Connecting with other bloggers if my favorite part of this crazy life.
    Professionally, sponsored content is an important part of my business model and it is always so helpful to meet brands face to face. I have never been to BlogHer and would love to attend.

    Tweet ——>

  66. I would love to learn to balance my blog and my family time. I need help with monetizing, I need to learn to be better at social media updates. I just need HELP all the way around!! I’m looking forward to renewed enthusiasm for my blog.

  67. After 4 years of blogging this would be my first actual real blogging conference. I have worked a full-time job for years while blogging on the side and have recently got laid off from my full-time job. Now I would like to turn blogging into a full-time job and would like to gain some knowledge in doing that at the conference. And personally I would like to gain partnerships with brands and make friends while I am there.

  68. I have never attended a blog conference before and I know that it could help elevate me to the next level both professionally and with my blog. I think this would be such a great opportunity and I would love to win!

  69. Tara Funair says:

    My Professional goals are to be able to engage my audience better and learn techniques on how to be more adaptable and available to brands and my blog base. I think Blogher is an excellent platform to achieve these goals. Personally, I would love to attend, as I have been to half of a conference ever (my youngest got sick and my family forced me to leave). I would love the opportunity to have an event where I am solely focused on my blog and how to better it and myself.

  70. Tara Funair says:
  71. I want to connect with other bloggers to and grow professionally.
    Here’s my tweet:

  72. Nessa M says:

    I would love the opportunity to meet other bloggers and gain skills that will help me succeed at my blog. Thank you.

  73. Lindsey H says:

    I’d like to make connections, network, and learn more about the resources available to bloggers so I can really make my hobby of blogging into some more lucrative so I can do it more!

  74. What I would want to gain both personally and professionally from attending is face-to-face connection and networking. As content creators we all spend so much time in front of the screen writing, editing and connecting online with readers that we don’t always spend enough time getting that real world connection. I would love to have a place where face-to-face interactions with other creators could happen.

  75. Well, first of all, I would LOVE to go to BlogHer16 because it’s in LA this year and my parents can help with babysitting! (Huge!)

  76. I’ve been blogging professionally for one year now and never imagined all the opportunities I would have through doing so, especially since I blogged for a hobby 3 years beforehand. Working with One2One Network has been such a wonderful part of my professional blogging experience, and yet, I have so much I still want to learn and ways I want to grow. As a member of multiple networks, I’m familiar with how useful, helpful, inspiring, and empowering the women’s network groups are in the blogging career field and being a part of the BlogHer conference would be an absolute dream come true! I would love to learn, grow, meet, and find out about ways to not only grow my audience and make my blog better but also connect with like-minded women with a passion so similar to my own. Thank you for the opportunity!

  77. I would love to gain new blogging colleague contacts professionally, and gain confidence in my ability to make this a viable career option by being around like-minded, driven bloggers!

  78. I had 3 babies in 3 years and have missed out on networking with other bloggers. I’d love to get back to BlogHer and meet some great people and learn what is new in the blogging world.

  79. I’d love to attend BlogHer 16 to learn more ways to streamline and organize my workflow so that my work is more effective in less time. I need to get a lot of things organized! I’m also hoping to make more connections with others in California for potential partnerships. I’d really like to meet up with others and take pics for each other or let the kids play while we ahve work sessions.

  80. I’m Dhee and I live in Los Angeles. I got excited when I read the email that #Blogher16 conference will be held in my city. Professionally, I want to gain knowledge on how to be successful in blogging and vlogging. I started blogging last year but have not been successful in gaining readers yet. Personally, I want to meet and make friends to bloggers like me and hopefully learn from them as well.

  81. Cecilia says:

    So excited that #Blogher16 will be in my hometown: Los Angeles! I want to learn how to popularize and monetize my blog. Thank you!

  82. icefairy says:

    Professionally I’d like to learn blogging tips, and to get in touch with PR professionals, blogging network leaders, and established bloggers. Personally I love hanging out with people who share my passion for blogging and social media marketing.

  83. icefairy says:
  84. Professionally, I’d like to learn about podcasting, vlogging, and other “new media” that I haven’t dabbled in yet! Personally – Mayim Bialik. Major girl crush.

  85. Single, work from home in my pj’s…it’s not always easy to meet other #girlbosses. I’ve never gone to Blogher and would love the opportunity to network, get a mini vacay and meet some great gals!

  86. Already attending! Hopefully we can meet up!

  87. What you want to gain professionally AND personally by attending the conference…. It is my hope that I will learn how to further my business professionally while sharing my very personal message. I want to improve my networking skills and use it to push me to reach my greatness!

  88. I want to go to BlogHer 16 to socialize with my existing blog friends as well as to meet lots of new ones and engage with brands who will be attending.

  89. Just Tweeted – Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter to win

  90. I would like to gain insight on how to grow and improve my blog (change my hobby into a career) Then I would love to meet others that have blogging in common!

  91. I want to go to the labs allt he labs to absorb and gain the knowledge to build

  92. Professionally I want to make connections with brands and businesses that can help grow my publications reach. Personally I’d like to make more friends who are in the blogging world!

  93. Professionally I would love to learn more about what others do to make it work for them so I can implement what will work with our lifestyle into our blog. Personally I would love to meet others who love blogging just like me as well as get to say I finally got to see California.