Where Will Summer Take You?

summer travel survey photo_circleLast month we asked our members to take a short survey about their summer travel plans. We asked three basic questions:

• Where will you go?

• How will you get there?

• What will you do?

Oh the Places They’ll Go!

summer travel survey_planeWhere are One2One Network influencers going this summer? Will they stay within their own country’s borders, grab their passports for some international jet setting, or keep it local with a staycation?

It’s all about domestic travel this summer with nearly 80% of respondents choosing domestic travel or domestic plus another travel option. Staycations were the next popular choice with only a handful planning an international trip.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Boats), Oh My!

summer travel survey_carHow will O2O members travel for their summer vacays: Car, plane, train, or boat? “Car” was the overwhelming response with 90% of respondents choosing car or car plus other modes of transport. About a third will travel by airplane, with train and boat travel coming in significantly behind. Guess it’s not a big summer for cruises!


Are We There Yet?

summer travel survey_swimThe journey may be fun but the destination is the goal! There will be a lot of happy grandparents, cousins, and long-distance friends this summer because the most popular summer travel activity choice was “Visit family and/or friends“! Hitting the beach is a quintessential summer getaway so it’s no surprise that was the next popular choice for our members followed closely by the classic road trip.

summer travel activities

What about you? Where will summer take you this year?

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