What We Learned About Video from Jessi Sanfilippo

In her O2O Presents workshop for our One2One Community Facebook group on Thursday, February 23, 2017, Jessi Sanfilippo shared two main aspects of video production with us: Editing and Where to Host Videos. Here are some highlights of what we learned from Jessi!

what we learned about video

Editing: Style and Software

An important aspect of video production is deciding how long a video should be (run time). Some say videos should only be about two minutes but that is based on very specific consumption patterns. Your magic number will be based on your audience and topic. Jessi shared that in her popular #AnswerinStuff series, there is an 8-minute video about bologna that has an 82% retention rate. (Those kinds of analytics are available on your YouTube account.)

So how did she keep people watching a video about bologna for eight minutes? Her editing style, which focuses on timing and pace. She edits to keep the content moving so that her audience does not get bored and click away. Trimming out “uhs”, “ums”, and “sos”, long pauses, and anything else that doesn’t keep the content moving by using jump cuts, she produces an quick paced, long-form video that is entertaining and retains attention.

Another tip for keeping videos well paced is the use of base or bed music. That’s a low volume level of background music so that there is never any ‘dead air’ during your video. Find royalty free music options at or subscription based options at Epidemic Sound.

When it comes to editing software, Jessi prefers Adobe Premiere Pro. Don’t know how to use Adobe Premiere Pro? Jessi told us about from LinkedIn, a site where you can learn all kinds of skills on your own time. Get a free trial and teach yourself how to use the software!

You can also use the video editing software that comes with your PC or Mac (Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, respectively). These are designed to be very user friendly but they are going to be limited in options for adding more professional features to your videos.

Where to Host Video: YouTube vs. Facebook

So now that you have your video, where are you going to post it? The two most popular options are YouTube and Facebook. And just like with video length, there is no magic answer about where a video will perform better. It’s all about knowing your audience and testing what works best for you. That being said, Jessi offered a few tips about which videos in general seem to perform best on YouTube vs. Facebook.

Jessi shared that YouTube viewers often treat YouTube the same way they treat Netflix, they binge watch. They will “save up” a week’s worth or more of videos from their favorite channels and then sit and watch them all at once. That behavior tends to lend itself to more long-form video; YouTube viewers pretty much expect to be watching more cinematic, storytelling videos versus a short-clip videos.

On the other hand, Facebook video viewers are “snackers”. Since they are scrolling through their newsfeed taking in all the things their friends have posted or shared, “flash & share” videos (30-60 seconds) tend to hold their attention far better than long-form videos. These “flash & share” videos do quite well on Facebook. They entertain or teach something in a short amount of time such as quick recipe videos, hairstyle tutorials, and easy DIYs.

The takeaway from this is that it’s important to know your audience. Use platform analytics and feedback from your viewers to find what works best for you. Maybe it’s using Facebook to promote the longer videos on your YouTube channel by uploading shorter, teaser videos for your Facebook fans. Or maybe it’s creating a consistent video posting schedule to Facebook so that your fans not only know when to expect your videos, they also know when to invest more time to watch them.

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