What We Learned About Live Streaming from Lucrecer Braxton

Online influencer, Lucrecer Braxton, shared some fabulous tips in our One2One Facebook Community group about how to put your best self forward in a live stream video. Lucrecer’s presentation, which aired on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, was broken down into three sections of what to do before, during, and after a live stream event. Here are some of our favorite key takeaways from her session.

what we learned about live streaming

Before Your Live Stream Event

  • Be prepared with notes. Don’t assume that you’ll remember what you want to say. Highlight points that you don’t want to forget or miss.
  • Gather props or visuals ahead of time and have them near you. Also have water (to ease dry throat from speaking) and back-up devices (another smart phone, tablet, or computer) nearby in case the device you’re using fails before or during the broadcast.
  • Make yourself “camera ready”. Put some effort into your appearence (face, hair, clothing), make sure your lighting is good and that there are no shadows on your face. If you’re wearing glasses, check for reflection.

During Your Live Stream Event

  • Introduce yourself! Don’t assume people know who you are.
  • Acknowledge your audience. Say hello and greet people as they enter the event. Answer questions or let people know that you’ll go through questions at the end.
  • Do. Not. Wait. For. People. To. Join. Lucrecer was quite clear about this! Honor those who have joined the broadcast and those who will be watching later by getting started right away. Feel free to take a few minutes to interact with people as they join, do some introductions, answer some questions before you get started with your content but don’t drag it out.
  • Give Good Content! Present your best, most useful content during your broadcast. Don’t bait and hook people and make them go somewhere else to pay for the good stuff. Give people content where they are.

After Your Live Stream Event

  • Adjust the video title to reflect the content. If you planned to talk about a particular topic but a question from a viewer or a change of heart led your thoughts in a different direction, be sure the title reflects the actual content of the broadcast.
  • Go through comments and see if you missed any questions, then answer them in the comment section.
  • Keep checking back a few days later to see if anyone else has left a comment or question you need to respond to.

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