What is Your Vision for 2011?

We may already be a few weeks into 2011 but it’s still a good time to consider your vision for the year ahead. That’s why at Blissdom, we will have the 2011 Community Vision board at our booth. If you are attending Blissdom, you will have the opportunity to come by our booth (pick-up a gift from us!) and become part of the community vision for 2011.

See those concentric circles that make up our logo? Do you know what they represent? Our logo was designed to represent community, mutually beneficial interactions between brands and bloggers, and how we are all interconnected. As our header says: friend2friend, me2you, one2one.

Each of us has something in mind for the year ahead.  And no matter whether your dreams are little or big, they help define how you see yourself and how you present yourself on your blog. It could be that you are coming to Blissdom in order to define your goals for your blog. Or you may already know exactly what you want to accomplish this year, you’re just looking for the tools to make it happen. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of vision and dreaming, we’d love for you to make it part of our One2One Network Community!

Take those dreams, those visions, those goals, put them on the community board and OWN them. We’ll have instamatic cameras on hand so that we can put your awesome self next to your vision. Together we will create a kaleidescope of the amazing things that we hope to accomplish this year!

Even if you are not attending Blissdom, you can still be apart of the vision board! Leave a comment on this post and we’ll put it up on the board!

Then let’s see where the year takes us, together!

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