Want Maximum Work-At-Home Productivity? Try Trello!

By Keianna Rae Harrison for Mompreneur Ink

As a work-at-home Mompreneur with two demanding little boys in tow, I need every second of my workday to count. In order to achieve maximum productivity with a schedule that is often as unpredictable as my six-month-old’s mood, it’s important to have a work routine planned down to science and powered by today’s most efficient business tools. My favorite go-to business apps are Trello, Viber, Google Chrome and Evernote.

trello logoTrello is the core of my business’ foundation. It’s a free, SIMPLE, easy-to-use app that uses “boards,” “lists,” and “cards” to help you organize and see everything about a project, or in my case, the entire business operation, in a single location. There’s no complicated set-up and you can access Trello on your mobile phone, desktop or notebook.

One of the coolest features of Trello is it’s online. I have a virtual team of six who are spread out in locations around the world and come to work at various points in the day. Trello operates in real time, so my entire team can work on projects simultaneously without missing a beat.

I add tasks to the lists on Sunday before the week begins so that my team members can easily get started with their workday on Monday whether I’m available or not. We all add tasks to the lists via cards throughout the week and keep each other accountable by assigning a person’s name to the list with the simple click of an @NAME.


Here’s a brief breakdown of how we use the system:


My team operates two businesses – KR Writes LLC, a copywriting/copyediting business and Mompreneur Ink LLC, a small business coaching venture for mom business owners.

Both businesses have blogs, clients, a ton of tasks and we’ve recently upgraded to a membership site to make things even more interesting and keep us on our toes.

Each business has it’s own Trello board. We just upgraded to the business class version of Trello ($5 per user per month) in order to share our boards with outside contractors without sharing our sensitive information. We can add people from outside of our organization as observers to give them secure, read-only access to boards they need to complete a project.



Each business’ board has a set of lists that represents each major area of our business. For example, our Mompreneur Ink board has lists for administrative tasks, social media, the blog, products we sell, affiliates, etc. In addition, each team member also has their own list on the board and we’ve created an additional list for tasks on cards that are completed called “DONE.”


To hone in and make things even more organized and specific, we add cards to each list to assign tasks and share information about specific areas of the business.

For example, the social media list has a card for each of our social media accounts. The card contains the pertinent login information for that account as well as a note with a description of how the social media account should be used, i.e. “Facebook card, login details, note: post an image with a pertinent article to the Mompreneur Ink Facebook account three times per week.”


Every savvy blogger knows the key to a successful business blog is consistent, timely and relevant posts to keep your audience engaged. Our team created an editorial calendar list on the board for each business. The cards on the editorial board list plot out blog topics organized week-by-week. We use a checklist within the card to share detailed notes, links, images and even relevant html code for that particular post.


We also use the calendar feature found within the card to keep us all accountable for our respective tasks related to that list.

If it’s a simple, uncomplicated, but robust organization you want, you’ve got to try Trello. It’s a smart, timesaving tool that functions the way you think. They’ve thought of everything to make it super easy to stay organized and keep your team on task and get up-to-the-minute updates on your businesses projects.

Trello is an organized Mompreneur’s dream come true.

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keiannaKeianna Rae Harrison (KR) is a professional copywriter, mommy blogger and small business coach for mom business owners. A Mompreneur who believes in serving others through the pursuit of her professional passions, KR created Mompreneur Ink LLC, a small business training venture catering to work-at-home moms, stay-at-home moms and Mompreneurs with small or home-based enterprises. KR relocated from Ohio to Indianapolis where she lives with her significant other and two young sons.

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