VOTE for Chris Mann TONIGHT on The Voice!

Vote for CHRIS MANN! Here are the ways to vote for CHRIS MANN after the FINAL round on Monday, May 7th, 2012. You will have 12 hours after the show airs on the East Coast.

1. Use your Facebook account(s) & vote TEN times on The Voice’s FB page
“Like” The Voice’s facebook page and vote!

2. Call by Phone TEN times from your landline and TEN times from any cell phone
The voting number for Chris will be announced on-screen after his performance.
Watch @One2OneNetwork for the voting number – we’ll post it as soon as we know it tonight!


3. Vote through the website
You can vote multiple times here as well!!!

4. If you have Sprint you can vote via text messaging
The number to text will appear on-screen after Chris’ performance
Your text vote will NOT count unless made via a Sprint cell phone

Text ‘4’ to 979797

5. Buy Chris’ NEW song performed on tonight’s show on iTunes
You can “gift this song” to 10 friends for 10 votes!
Click on the arrow next to the price and click “gift album.”
***Only purchases of TONIGHT’s song count as votes***

**Remember – don’t buy the song until AFTER The Voice is over tonight or the vote doesn’t count!!**

Using all methods you can VOTE 50 TIMES!!!

Hours you can vote:
Performance episode airing May 7, 2012:
Time Zone/State Voting Window

Eastern 9.55pm Mon – 10.00am Tues
Central 8.55pm Mon – 9.00am Tues
Mountain 7.55pm Mon – 8.00am Tues
Pacific 6.55pm Mon – 7.00am Tues
Hawaii 3.55pm Mon – 4.00am Tues
Puerto Rico (ET) 9.55pm Mon – 10.00am Tues
Alaska (PT) 5.55pm Mon – 6.00am Tues
Arizona (PT) 6.55pm Mon – 7.00am Tues

Did you know that #ChrisMann has trended EVERY TIME he has performed on The Voice? Let’s keep that trend going! Live tweet tonight during his performance. Use these hashtags: #MannFans, #Vote4ChrisMann, #OperaSwag (new!)

Suggested tweets:

It’s #TheVoice FINAL round TONIGHT! #MannFans this is the moment we’ve been waiting for! #Vote4Mann #OperaSwag

Are you ready to #Vote4Mann on #TheVoice tonight? He’s the last MANN standing on #TeamXtina! #MannFans #OperaSwag

I’m joining the #MannFans & watching #TheVoice tonight! Can’t wait to #Vote4ChrisMann! #OperaSwag

It’s time for #TheVoice! #MannFans cheering & voting for @IAmChrisMann tonight! #Vote4Mann

#TheVoice #Vote4ChrisMann begins at 9:55 pm ET for 12 hours – #MannFans Get your vote on!

See all the ways you can #Vote4Mann on #TheVoice tonight! #OperaSwag


  1. How exciting!!!! He was amazing tonight.

  2. I am just curious how it was decided to make a big push to vote for Chris Mann? He has a good voice, but I am not sure that he is the best singer in the contest.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for your comment. Chris Mann is a personal friend of the One2One Network team. Our CEO, Barbara Jones, has known Chris for many years and has supported all his efforts to be a recognized musician. We are doing this because we love him and want to see him succeed.

      Malia Carden

  3. Voted & bought the single!

  4. I am so excited to see someone from my home state on the show. Chris Mann definitely deserves to be in the top. He has such an amazing voice!

  5. Awesome! I spread the word on my blog and will be voting for him tonight. I definitely think he deserves to be the Team Xtina finalist.

  6. I voted for him on Monday night, cried like a baby on Tuesday night when he advanced and wrote this today to celebrate! 🙂 Moms unite for Chris Mann!!!

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