Updating Your One2One Network Member Profile

This page is for existing O2O members. If you are not yet a member, please go here to create an account. Thanks!

Step One: Verify Your Account

step one_sign in

Email– Enter the email associated with your former One2One account  (which should be the one you receive newsletters and project announcement to). If the site tells you that your email is not found, please contact us at support@one2onenetwork.com with the subject line: Email Recovery.

The password is… update! Type update into the password field to trigger a Reset Password email.

If you don’t see an email in your inbox, check your spam filter. The email will come from
do-not-reply@email.markerly.com with the subject line: Reset Password.

Step Two: Set Your Password

Click on the link in the email to be directed back to the member site and reset your password to something you will remember.

Tip: If your browser offers to remember your password, let it!

Eager to get started? Let’s go!

Step Three: Connect Your Social Accounts

step two_connect social accounts

You must connect at least one account but remember, the more accounts you connect, the more likely it is to be invited into campaigns that are relevant and tailored to your interests. For example, sometimes we’ll do an Instagram Only campaign. If your IG account is not connected, you will not be contacted about the opportunity. (Plus, it makes sharing so simple!)

To connect social accounts, click on the corresponding button then follow the prompts.

markerly platform_borderTips:

  • The social sites will indicate that Markely Platform would like permission to connect. That is correct! Markely is the name of platform that this new member site is housed on.
  • For Snapchat & Vine, simply fill in your handle for that site and the average number of views your stories/vines receive.
  • If you primarily snap or vine a particular topic/niche such as fashion, travel, food, you can add categories. To select multiple categories, hold town the CTRL (command on Mac) key and click on the categories to highlight them. Use tags to refine your categories such as OOTD, tutorials, behind-the-scenes, etc.
  • A note about Facebook– Connecting to Facebook does not give us access to your Facebook account. It only allows our site to talk to Facebook’s site so that you can easily share projects to your personal timelines. Our site can’t (and won’t) share anything to Facebook until you authorize it to do so.

BLOGGERS: Select the blog button to connect your blog to your profile. Again, the more info you provide, the better we are able to match you with projects!

step two_bloggers_blog info


  • Connecting your Google Analytics means you don’t have to keep coming back to your profile and updating your blog traffic. That’s pretty handy!
  • If you don’t have Google Analytics, you can upload a screenshot of your unique visitors and page views from the traffic/analytics tracker you use (e.g. Clicky, KissMetrics, OpenWeb, etc.)
  • For blog stats (unique visitors, page views, subscribers) leave out the commas. Ex. 1,000 = 1000, 10,000=10000, 100,000=100000, etc.
  • To select multiple categories, hold town the CTRL (command on Mac) key and click on the categories to highlight them.
  • Use the tags to refine your categories and enhance your info. Examples: A food blogger may want to include- recipes, vegetarian, organic, and photography. A beauty blogger may want to include- cosmetics, skin care, cruelty-free, and vlogger. A parenting blogger may want to include- pregnancy, healthy living, and DIY.

step two_bloggers_categories and tags


Got it? Click through to get started!

Step Four: Add in Payment Info

step three_payment info

There are 3 ways you can receive payment or incentives for projects: Paypal, Amazon ecards, and check. Fill out one, two, or all three! You’ll be able to state your preference with each campaign you complete.

Tip: For check payments, if you want the check made out to your business name instead of your personal name, make sure the information is listed. If you do not have a Rep name to fill in, leave blank or use your own name.

Step Five: Contact Info

step four_contact info

Make sure your contact info is up-to-date. Do we have your correct email and address? Then click on the All About You tab to update/verify demographic info.

Step Six: Select Avatar

step five_select avatar

We want to see your beautiful face! Personalize your account with an avatar- you can choose from a connected social profile or upload one from your computer.

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