Type-A Parent Conference Attendees Share What They Learned

The Type-A Parent Blogging conference was held June 22-24 in Charlotte, NC. Type-A Con attracts bloggers of all experience and skill levels with most of them being not evenly remotely Type-A in personality!

I attended the conference on the behalf of One2One Network to have a chance to meet members in person and tell people about what we do. And while I attended several sessions, my notes are severely lacking. In each session, I set out with the intent to take really good notes, only to end up engrossed in what the speakers where saying and never actually writing (or typing) anything. I did “live tweet” a few of the sessions as a way to make note of key points, but I’ll admit, I’m thrilled that so many of the attendees have much better note taking skills! I’ve rounded up several of the blog posts out there that contain notes and reflections on many of the sessions offered at the conference.

The conference started off with a keynote presentation from Chris Garrett, author and entrepreneur. Christina from WELL in THIS House, live blogged the keynote and you can read her notes on “Blogging From Zero to Full Time Business“. Christina also live-blogged several of the other sessions, so be sure to check out the other Type-A Con links on her site!

A key takeaway from the Chris’ presentation was “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Sara of The Football Wife writes about what those words mean to her.

Session notes:

Robyn of Robyn’s Online World has shared her notes from the sessions that she attended on a SkyDrive file. Very handy!

Over at Honest & Truly!, Michelle has written several recaps of the keynote presentations and sessions. Go on over to her notes on Rene Syler’s closing keynote, Harnessing Your Super Power and you’ll see a list of all the recaps she’s done as well!

Still stumped by Google+? Adrianna live-blogged the Google+ session that was presented by Lynette Young.

Want to really take advantage of your blog’s Facebook page? Nichole from Butterscotch Sundae has notes from Melanie Nelson’s “Making the Most of Your Facebook Page” session.

One of my favorite keynotes was the “We Still Blog” panel with Cecily Kellogg, Katherine Stone, and Tanis Miller. Actually, I think it was one of the favorites overall for many attendees. Each blogger read a post from her site that captured the essence of why it is that they still blog. It was a powerful experience full of laughter, tears, and applause. Several recaps have been written (Michelle has one, as does Robyn) and I find that this “Authenticity Matters” post by Cris Goode really sums up the overall theme of that keynote.

I also really enjoy reading “key takeaway” type posts. It’s always enlightening to the see the conference through the eyes of another person. Everyone’s takeaways are different and what resonated with one blogger is completely different for another blogger. Here are some thought provoking and fun posts about what was learned at Type-A Parent Conference:

An original feature of the Type-A Parent Conference is the Mom Market. There are crafters and jewelers and sewers and artists. Just about anyone can find something that suits them at the market. First time Mom Market vendor, Maricris, shares her Type-A/Mom Market story with us. So many people I came into contact with on Sunday after the market were raving about Maricris’ jewelry!

And finally, if you’ve never attended a blogging conference and want the inside scoop from a first-timer, Angie Kinghorn’s takeaway is a great place to start!

I can’t end this post without a shout-out to the lovely ladies who joined me at the UbiSoft/CleverGirls Just Dance, Just Sweat Party! Jill of The Diaper Diaries, Andrea of Good Girl Gone Redneck, Daphne of Mami2Mommy, and Lindsay of Laughing Lindsay were gracious enough to be on my dance team. We didn’t make it past the first round but it was So. Much. Fun! Team Dancing Queens will live forever in my heart!

Team Dancing Queens: Lindsay, Andrea, Jill, Malia & Daphne

Did you attend Type-A Parent conference? What were your favorite sessions? And if you’ve written a recap, leave in the comments so we can read it!





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