Tips for Using Photos in Blog Posts on the Next #O2OChat

A few years ago, it was rare for bloggers for include photos in a blog post unless you were 1) specifically sharing images of your child or pet or vacation, etc.; 2) providing a step by step DIY tutorial. Even recipe posts were image-less “back in the day”! Most blog posts were text only with possibly some bolding and italicizing for emphasis.

Nowadays bloggers are including images, either their own or stock photos, in just about every post they publish. This is largely due to the new Pinterest-culture since anything and everything is fair game for pinning but only if you have an image available!

There are a lot of tips and tutorials available that can teach you how to take better photos but what do you do with them once you have them? How many photos should you put in a post? What size should the photo be? Should you watermark the photo and if so, how do you do that? What if you want to include an image but don’t want to take your own photos?

Join us for our August #O2OChat Google Hangout on Air as we discuss Tips for Using Photos in Blog Posts!

The Hangout will be broadcast on air and we invite you to come by and watch, make comments, and ask questions!

This month’s O2O Chat brings together five bloggers who have a variety of experience with photography and blogging. Some are professional photogs, some are blog designers, some just like taking photos and using them in posts. We’ll be chatting with them to get their insights into best practices for using photos in blog posts. Let’s meet them!

About the Panelists

Anna @Beach_Mama

Anna is a professional photographer with a home base of Ottawa, Canada. Anna specialized in photographing people. Whether its a wedding or a conference catching those special moments that depict the feel of the event is what Anna does best. Anna has been blogging on and off for the last ten years both on her personal and professional blogs. Anna loves to travel and her camera has gone to many places in the last few years but her heart belongs at the beach by the ocean where she spends every extra minute that she can.

Deanna @DeannaGarretson

Curator of Awesome – fan of vintage, quirky, and fun. Lover of Aprons, Cupcakes and a good steak. Fabulous phototographer of equally fabulous people (this means YOU), insane graphic designer, mom to 2 adorably nutty boys.

Sarah @bluegrassred

Sarah has been blogging in some form since 2003. In 2011, she and a law school buddy, also a Sarah, began Salt & Nectar as a way foster their creative sides. Their site is a “sweet but imperfect adventure of modern parenthood”. You can also find Sarah at her personal blog, Bluegrass Redhead.

Bridget @IveyLeagueMama

Bridget captures every day life through photography and written word on her personal blog, Keeping up with four small children, all of their homeschool lessons, a photography business, and her volunteer responsibilities always keep her on the go, but she is learning to just be still. Bridget loves to read, sing, and take more pictures than she knows what to do with.

Ashley @LvdMoreThnCrrts

Kids, cocktails and hot wheels; not necessarily in that order. I’m a [boy] mom and I blog but I’m not your average Mommy blogger. They say, “Life begins in your thirties.” I say, “Here I am life. Bring it.”

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