Tips for Organizing Your Blog

tips for organizing your blog_editedThe start of a new year is always a popular time to think about organizing; clear out closets, get rid of clutter, and start fresh. It’s also a great time to think about organizing your blog with an editorial calendar.

Planning posts ahead of time insures that you have a consistent flow of new and relavant content. You can still write those off-the-cuff, “gotta share it now” type of posts. Having an editorial calendar doesn’t mean you’re a slave to it; it’s a tool to keep you organized just like you would use a coupon folder or color coordinate your closet.

Jamie from C.R.A.F.T., Jody from Gemini Health & Nutrition, and Kelley from The Grant Life joined us for our monthly #O2OChat to share their editorial calendar methods and tips for keeping your blog organized.

Blog Organizing Methods

Jamie uses a bradded folder with free calendar printables (from TomKat Studio). She writes everything in pencil and highlights the posts that are sponsored or have a due date that can’t be changed.

Kelley uses a hybrid of note taking and digital apps. She keeps a notebook for taking notes during meetings and ideas she has for her blog posts plus she uses Evernote and the WordPress app (iOS/Android) on her phone/iPad. Evernote syncs with her computer and is great for jotting down post ideas or drafting posts when she’s away from her computer. She uses the WordPress app to keep up with her editorial calendar.

Jody does everything using digital apps. In addition to the WordPress app, her favorite is Life Noted which imports her calendar and allows her to make notes and add photos when she is out and about. She finds that it is particularly helpful when she’s covering an event or taking notes about a restaurant meal she wants to review. Jody also uses Voice Thread – a voice memo app and Phonto (iOS/Android) – an app for adding copyright info to photos you take with your phone.

How do you keep your blog organized?

Share your methods or tips in the comments!

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