The Most Droolworthy IPad Cases

iPad envy

I will admit when I saw some ladies at Type A Mom Conference with iPads I got a little jealous.  I’ve been a MAC convert for all of 6 months and now don’t know what I did before I switched.

Wait now I remember.  I watched my PC crash a lot!

What makes the iPad even more appealing is how you can dress it up.  There are some “fancy duds” out there for them to wear!

Keep it cute, keep it safe

I love pink and was immediately drawn to this fancy cover.  This would dress it up nicely don’t you think?  Available at

Of course if pretty is not your thing, then go with the whimsical. This etch-a-sketch case made me laugh, and then click to see where I could get one….you know, for when if I get an iPad.  Available at

Of course this looks more like me.  No need for cute.  I have stuff to carry.  TONS of stuff!  Love the setup of the M-Edge cover to keep all your essentials together.  More practical and as much as you spend on the iPad, cute is great but I’d stick with functionalities!

Do you have iPad envy?  Or if you own one, what cases / covers are you drooling over?


  1. I have been meaning to make a case for my Ipad, but haven’t had the time yet. Although i must admit, I really like the etch-a-sketch one you posted about. So cute and creative!

  2. Not sure that I’ll ever own an Ipad, but if did, I’d be all over that pink case!

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  4. Wow. Check this out. Are Iphones even worth it anymore?

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