The Garnier Cleaner Greener Tour Bus Stops in Nashville

Last Saturday, I headed down to Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville, to the annual Franklin Main Street Festival. My objective was to seek out the Garnier Cleaner Greener World Tour bus so that I could see for myself what this tour was all about.

Found it!

And let me tell you, that place was hoppin’! They had people handing out samples, taking pictures and guiding guests through the tour. You see, the tour bus is actually a kind of mobile museum (and laboratory, as you’ll see later)! Inside the bus there is all kinds of information about Garnier and their new Pure Clean line of hair care products.

The Garnier Pure Clean Tour

After you go through the tour, you can make a Pure Clean Pledge and have your picture taken to go on the Garnier Facebook page.

My Pure Clean Pledge. Also, watch out for ginormous goldfish!

And you may remember from this post, that Garnier has teamed up with TerraCycle to give people ways to recycle used personal care and beauty products. There was a huge box set up in front of the bus for people to put items in for recycling.

Recycling Rocks!

I also got to meet-up with One2One Network member, Brigid!

O2O members are awesome!

And the probably the most ingenious part of the whole set-up was the the mobile laboratory inside the bus! Inside the laboratory, you could take hair samples and wash them using the actual Pure Clean shampoo and conditioner. Plus, a helpful lab assistant was on hand to give all the reasons why Pure Clean is good for your hair and good for the environment. (Just so you know, the video is completely unedited.)

Also, a goldfish mascot. Fun!


The Garnier Cleaner Greener World Tour bus is currently in Ft. Worth, TX and will be continuing on to Detroit and New Orleans later this month! If you are in those areas, I would highly encourage you to head over there and see the tour yourself. It’s fun and informative!

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