The Beginning of a Friendship

Today we welcome featured member, Erica Mueller, as a guest writer. Erica blogs at Erica Says and has her own website design business, Techno Mom Designs. Erica lives in Texas, is wife to Ryan and mom to an adorable little boy.

Being a part of several blogger’s associations and networks, I’ve made a lot of great friends. Online friends. While I could never suggest that these friendships are less authentic, or mean less to me than the offline variety, there is something uniquely special about that real-life connection we have with those we can see face to face. I never would have guessed, when I started networking online that I’d meet and get to know someone as amazing as my friend, Dwan Perrin.

It started with a One2One Network promotion; a Diane Birch concert at the Granada in Dallas, TX. We’d never heard of Diane, but my husband and I decided to make it a date night and we drove two hours to the venue. When we arrived there was a little trouble with our tickets… we didn’t have any! The ticket folks got a hold of the promotion folk who found a handwritten note in Diane’s bus, and ah-ha! there were our names, as well as a note about @mommadjane’s tickets. I recognized her twitter handle and made a little comment to my husband about how I knew who she was… online.

A few minutes after hubs and I had found our seats I looked back and saw a familiar face. We exchanged a tweet or two and I got up to go meet her. When the music started I returned to my date and we enjoyed the rest of the concert. I didn’t see Dwan after that cause we were all enjoying the concert so much, but we did make it a point to connect more on Twitter after the concert. And, Twitter led to Facebook, and Skype, then traveling across the country together to the Blissdom conference in February 2009 where we shared a room with our friend, Lizzy. The three of us had such a great time that we did it again just two weeks later, this time in Houston for the Mom 2.0 Summit conference.

School for her kiddos and work for both of us kept us from seeing each other for a while, but Skype enabled every day chats which helped to fill in the gaps. We built a web site together, talked, and even had a few of the same clients to work for. Then summer came and in two months time we got to see each other several times: Dwan and her kids joined me and my son on a summer road trip to visit my family. We had some girls’ days out – dinner together, fun, massages… and, I helped her move. We’re still Skyping, texting, emailing, and calling one another, and, in December we’ll be driving to New Orleans together where we’ll board a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico with 98 other Social Fresh cruisers! We’ve agreed, to say we’re excited would be an understatement!

In all my life I’ve only had about three girl friends I could just call up and go hang out with. I’m a no-drama, kinda gal who just doesn’t get caught up in the giddy, giggling girlfriend pack, so finding someone I really connect with is a treat! Dwan is one of the few people I can sit up all night talking to. She’s the kind of girl who knows that I’m crazy geeky and loves me anyway. And, she even puts up with me calling her short. 🙂 I really couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend! We have little boys the same age and they adore one another. Her kids are sweethearts and I really enjoy any time we get together. Living three hours away makes it a bit rough to see each other often, but that makes the times we do get together even sweeter! Thanks, One2One Network for the part you played in getting us together!


  1. It’s so neat how this social media thing has brought people together. It’s because of you that I now know and work with Dwan!

  2. Awesome post! I have many stories like this now. It’s only started since summer but it’s amazing what awesome friendships are found online!

  3. I am very interested and excited to join! Can anyone look at my website and tell me if this is for me? I am registered for Blissdom!

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