The Anatomy of Influencer Excellence

anatomy of influencer excellence 2We have the privilege of working with amazing bloggers and social media influencers. And it always makes us incredibly happy and proud to see them produce excellent work. So much so, that we want to do a little bragging and highlight some of their outstanding content. From blog posts to ecommerce reviews, O2O influencers have been wowing us with their attention to detail, thoughtful storytelling, engaging content, and gorgeous photos. We present: The Anatomy of Influencer Excellence.


Excellence in Sponsored Blog Posts

A recent blog post campaign had O2O members staging epic lightsaber battles in their… bathrooms! Firefly Toothbrushes are making oral care an adventure for kids around the country. Timed to coincide with “May the Fourth”, aka Star Wars Day, bloggers shared their children’s experiences with these intergalactic toothbrushes and encouraged their readers to enter Firefly’s #BrushBattle Sweepstakes.

saving said simply firefly post photoChristie from Saving Said Simply took the campaign theme and turned it into a list of 5 ways to celebrate Star Wars Day with Kids. Here’s what really stood out about her post:

Relevant content that will be useful to readers beyond the scope of the campaign.

• Beautiful, pinnable photos.



jumping fingers crossed firefly post photoAngela from Jumping With My Fingers Crossed is a storyteller, constant observer of her sons, and closet Jedi Master. For Angela, writing about lightsaber toothbrushes resulted in metaphors about life that parallel the characters and storylines from Star Wars. Her post is awesome because:

• The reader is pulled into the greater story of the relationship between the brothers.

• Photos accentuate the story being told.

• Project requirements and product information are seamlessly worked into the narrative.

jman millerbug firefly toothbrushesJeannette from The Adventures of JMan and MillerBug appealed to the struggle that many parents have encountered: The twice daily fight to get kids to brush their teeth. Drawing from her own experiences with her boys, Jeannette’s post offers her readers practical tips to make brushing fun. This post rocks because:

• Readers can relate to the scenario and be inspired by a product that solved a problem.

• Excellent photos highlight the product in creative ways.


We’ve partnered with the Pork Board to highlight all the delicious ways you can grill pork. Our O2O food bloggers are featuring amazing recipes that coincide with popular times to grill out– like the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend!

blommi pork chopsRobin, the Mom Foodie at, grilled up some sweet and savory, mouthwatering deliciousness that has us drooling and ready to light up our grills. What makes this post so decadent?

• Beautiful photos that represent the recipe and the brands highlighted in the post.

• Required brand messaging is worked into the post in a conversational and natural way.


spinach tiger pork chopsAngela of Spinach Tiger also put her own unique spin on pork chops which included a seasonal chutney and can be ready in under 30 minutes. Perfect for busy weeknights or for having more time to spend with your guests. Her post is notable because of:

• Excellent, pinnable photos that highlight the recipe.

• Obvious enthusiasm for the campaign and its theme.

• Brand campaign messaging is incorporated in a helpful and conversational manner.


Excellence in Ecommerce Reviews

O2O influencers have been trying out a variety of baby gear from Graco and providing their honest feedback on The reviews shared below are examples of excellent work because they answer questions a potential buyer may have about the product such as size, color, or ease of use and give examples of how they (the reviewer) have used the product with insights into specific product features.

Kapachino_Graco review

DB_Graco review

We can wait to see what our influencers do next!

Check out our blog campaign Pinterest boards to see more examples of influencer excellence.

Top photo credit: Peacock by Jos via Flickr Creative Commons

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