Tax Time Round-Up

I think filing income tax with the U.S. federal and state governments was one of the first really grown-up things I ever did. And boy was it a wake-up call for me! Granted, the first couple of years that I did it, I either got money back or owed very little at all; however the process of gathering documents, filling out that rather intimidating 1040 form and nervously making sure that I did everything right made me rethink my exuberance over finally reaching the age of majority!

I’m a natural procrastinator, so even the years when I would be receiving a refund, I tended to still put off the whole process. And if I owed money? Well, yes, I was one of those in line at the post office the week of April 15th! And then I got married. My husband doesn’t procrastinate to the extent that I do and he took over the tax filing chore which resulted in our taxes being filed much earlier! Everyone has their own tax filing personality; a survey of our members showed that a little more than half said that they are early filers, around one quarter said they file sometime in the middle of the tax season with the last quarter admitting that they are last minute filers.

In honor of Tax Time and this infamous date on our calendars, we take a look at what some of our members are saying about taxes:

What about you? What’s your tax filing personality? And if you’ve posted about tax day on your blog, feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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