Tangled Up with Jeanette Nyberg – An O2O Author Interview

TangleArtJeanetteNyberg_interviewI have been a “doodler” since grade school. And while I’ve never considered myself to be very artistic, I do like the practice of moving pencil or pen or marker across paper and making random designs. In college, I found that sometimes I could even listen to a lecture and actually pay more attention to it if I was making patterns in the margins of my notebooks.

Jeanette Nyberg’s new book, Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids takes doodling to the next level, giving you ideas to turn what could be random patterns into fun designs. And don’t let the “for kids” in the title deter you, this book is for anyone, like me, who finds joy and fun in drawing, no matter your skill level!

tangle art drawing gamesTangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids is perfect for families who want to sneak a little more creativity into their lives and have fun doing it. It’s about exploring, experimenting, and getting lost in creativity. It’s not focused on goals, but on enjoying the process. Professional artist Jeanette Nyberg brings to life drawing games that offer playful, easy ways to get a pen moving across a page, help keep the mind focused, and provide hours of edifying entertainment.”

We recently caught up with Jeanette to ask her some questions about how the book came to be and her process of writing it.

JeanetteNybergO2O: What is your book about?

JN: My book is 52 fun and silly ideas for kids to explore drawing on their own or with friends. It’s broken down into 4 sections: fun drawing games, games to do with a friend, mixed media games, and tangle games (based on the wildly popular Zentangle).

Try out the first project in the book!

O2O: What was your inspiration for writing this book?

JN: I was determined to offer up some super fun ways for kids to get drawing and explore their creativity, even if they don’t consider themselves ‘good artists’. This is about unbridled creativity – not worrying about the outcome.

I also secretly want adults to pick up the book and be inspired to play around with some of the projects in here, and give themselves permission to play right along with the kids.

O2O: What surprised you most about the writing process?

JN: What surprised me the most was my brilliant ability to procrastinate. All my intentions were to chip away slowly at the projects in the book, and then those little voices and excuses that kept popping up in my head won out.

I perversely enjoyed having to then be laser-focused on getting everything done to meet impending deadlines. I love deadlines.

O2O: What were your writing habits?

JN: I mostly wrote at my dining table, with big fat stacks of white card stock laid out, as well as whatever materials I was using- mostly Sharpies or Microns. I tried to start with a completely clear table, and I started out by doing a project nearly every day. Then, like I said, the procrastination monster crept in, so I finished up the book in the most trite way- checking myself into a hotel to focus completely.

I like to start my projects in silence, but then when I’m in the groove and don’t have to think as much, I’ll listen to podcasts while I’m drawing.

O2O: Was there a quote or mantra that kept you inspired?

JN: My favorite quote as of late, is one I heard Darren Rowse quote from Jim Rohn: “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

O2O: What advice would you give to someone who wants to write a book?

JN: Ack, this is such a hard question to answer- I guess I would say to muster up that little spark deep inside you that is waiting for you to take action. The minute you write the first words, or start laying out that outline is when writing a book becomes real. That’s when it becomes much harder to make excuses for not putting it out into the world.

O2O: Will you write another book?

JN: Yes!

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Jeanette has graciously offered a copy of Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids for a One2One Network member*! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us your favorite thing to doodle (your name, hearts, flowers, patterns, etc.). One entry per person. Giveaway closes Sunday, April 17, 2016. Winners will be drawn and notified via email on Monday, April 18th.

More about Jeanette

I am a creativity-obsessed blogger from the Chicago area. I share art tutorials and inspiration (along with a good dose of sarcasm) on, and want to inspire everyone to embrace more creativity and less seriousness.

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  1. This is such a cool story and idea!!I absolutely love it!!

    I used to draw a lot when I was a kid but I haven’t been since having my own first kid. Well, other then drawing pictures for lunchbox napkins and doodling while I am on the phone or trying to write my to do list, my only piece of art is a stick figure with x’s for eyes, 3 pieces of hair, who’s name is, Andrew. (He goes on all kinds of adventures and meets other stick people and turtles, snakes, cats and dogs.)

    I wish I could draw better but, my creativity is better in other things like, cheesemaking, baking, writing, candlemaking, etc etc. I do wish I could learn how to draw again. I wasn’t ever the best lol but it seems if you don’t keep up with it, you lose it.

  2. Amberly Gordon says:

    My favorite things to doodle are just simple hearts and flowers. Lol

  3. Pamela James says:

    My favorite is patterns. I like to see patterns in things. I know my youngest daughter was constantly doodling all over her binders, notebooks, etc. Think they all did to a degree but she ended up with a art history degree (even if she’s not using it atm)

  4. My favorite thing to doodle is Sunflowers I’ve doodled them since I was younger in grade school and I still love to doodle them today. You should see my shopping list.

  5. Tiffany Pierce says:

    My favorite thing to doodle is patterns. The choices are limitless…Thanks for the chance.

  6. My favorite thing to doodle are turtles

  7. Kimberly Migliorato says:

    I’m not sure if this is where I’m supposed to comment for the contest but, my favorite things to draw and doodle are my kids’ names and whatever nonsense images come out of my thoughts..

  8. I make triangle patterns

  9. Rajee Pandi says:

    my kids favorite things are owl and frog pattern

  10. Katherine Oliveira says:

    Flowers, hearts, and butterflies

  11. Looks like a very interesting activity that I can enjoy with my Grandson.

  12. Jeanine Carlson says:

    I love to doodle flowers and vines!