Grocery Stores Are Not Like Blogging Conferences

Alternately titled: How Blogging Made Me Lose My Shyster Radar, A Cautionary Tale A few days after returning home from BlogHer ’11, I was doing my normal grocery shopping at my neighborhood grocer. As I stood selecting bananas in the produce department, an announcement sounded from the PA system. “Right now, for a limited time, […]

We’re Bringing YOU-Phoria to YOU!

Congrats to our winners! Melissa (@rmgm ) and Maria (@BOREDmommy)!! A few weeks ago during BlogHer, we co-hosted a fabulous soiree called YOU-Phoria. It was the official launch party for the ingenious new shopping site,  And you know what? We just can’t stop thinking about it and how much fun we had! We wondered, […]