Simple's Summer Skincare Twitter Party

Do you have a habit of “forgetting” to do or “putting off” personal care routines? I often “forget” to wash my face at night or “put off” shaving my legs until the next shower…or the next. Leg shaving is really only for my own comfort but skin care? That’s one of those important routines that […]

Featured Member Interview: Tara R.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Tara of Tara’s View of the World! Tara has been blogging since 2006 and also keeps a second blog about books, Tara’s View on Books. She is married, has three children, and lives in Ontario, Canada. Tara has attended BlissDom Canada for the past two year, has plans to […]

AMF Summer Unplugged is Back – PLUS a Giveway!!

Summer is here! Have you figured out how the kids will keep busy through August? Summer camp, sports, swimming are all no-brainers, BUT what about when it’s JUST. TOO. HOT. outside? Spare yourself a house full of bored kids. One2One is hooking you up! FREE BOWLING ALL SUMMER LONG! AMF is kicking off Summer Unplugged […]

Make Summer Refreshing with Crystal Light Mocktails

Staying hydrated during the summer is of the utmost importance but water can be boring and sodas or cocktails have a lot of sugar. Crystal Light Mocktails give that all important hydration paired with favorite summer cocktails flavors but with no sugar and only 5 calories! The Mocktails are available in three refreshing, quintessential summer […]

Summer Food, Fashion & Flair

Ah, Summer! What a remarkable season! It’s full of nothing and everything at the same time. There’s something inherently special about these sun-soaked days that hold memories, promise hope and hang suspended in the heat waves radiating off the pavement. Then before you know it? It’s gone! So since it’s just now getting started, be […]