Tips for Using Photos in Blog Posts on the Next #O2OChat

A few years ago, it was rare for bloggers for include photos in a blog post unless you were 1) specifically sharing images of your child or pet or vacation, etc.; 2) providing a step by step DIY tutorial. Even recipe posts were image-less “back in the day”! Most blog posts were text only with […]

Passover and Easter Traditions

For many people, this is a weekend full of long held traditions: Seders, egg hunts, worship services, and lots and lots of food. How do you celebrate this holiday weekend? I can’t get through the title of this one from Mara at Be Nice or Leave without Tevye singing in my head! But it’s worth […]

iPiccy vs. Picnik – How Do They Compare?

Last week we took a look at PicMonkey, a new online photo editing service that seeks to fill the gap that Picnik will be leaving when it goes offline on April 19th. Another new service, is iPiccy, also free and with many of the same tools that Picnik offered. I started off the same way […]

PicMonkey: How does it compare to Picnik?

Like many of you, the O2O team was crushed to hear that come April 19th, Picnik will be no more. Picnik has been our go to photo editing site for a few years now and we were wondering what we would use come April 20th. Recently we heard the buzz about a new photo editing […]