Featured Member Interview – Kim G.

What’s that smell? It’s Kim…er, Kim’s blog that is! Kim doesn’t smell, well she does, using her nose, we all do…but you know what we mean! Ok, ok, lame attempts at humor aside, Kim is a featured member this month at O2O and she writes a fun, non-odoriferous blog called What’s That Smell? full of […]

Featured Member Interview: Chelle

Chelle is a wife to a military husband and mother to three little girls. They live in the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi and enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Chelle served in the Air Force for seven years and worked in Iraq and Turkey. These days Chelle is the writer at Winey Mommy and a […]

Sharing Stories About the New Perfect

A few weeks before the birth of my first child, I sat at my sister-in-law’s computer creating a “wet diaper” chart and at least one other “keep track of your baby’s bodily functions” chart. I had been given a book and the book said that you needed the charts to keep up with these things […]