Featured Member Interview: Melissa Jennings

Melissa is the co-founder of the Stockpiling Moms website, a site dedicated to teaching people how to live savvy lifestyles on budget. Stockpiling Moms features recipes (gluten-free and traditional), coupons, deals, giveaways, DIYs, and much more. Melissa lives in Kentucky with her family (husband, Tim and their son). She is a former high school Family […]

Featured Member Interview: Emily Vanek

Emily is the blogger behind Colorado Moms. She’s a mom to three boys, a former Cali girl who now has a view of the Rocky Mountains from her backyard, and a knitter. Emily describes herself as being chatty and says that her gift of gab combined with her love of website development has made the […]

Flair: What to expect at and how to prepare for Blogher

The ladies (and men) are gearing up for another fantastic Blogher, this time in fabulous New York City!  I am so excited to attend and hang with this great group of gals (and maybe learn a thing or two also!)  Here are the how to’s, the what’s it about, and the keeping sane at Blogher’10. […]

Food – Summer Fun: Good Summer Eats

One of the best parts of summer is the food.  In fact it may be THE best part.  Fruits like strawberries and peaches, ice cream and icey pops, and backyard barbecues.   Food becomes fun and can be an integral part of the summer festivities that become our summer memories. These ladies know summer food.  Emily […]