Marketing Tips for Influencers: Stand Out From the Crowd

Would it surprise you to know that a tip given to brands seeking to work with online influencers is, “stand out from the crowd“? Brands want to be noticed, too! Take this article from, “How to win over social media influencers“, on how brands can find influencers to work with. The advice given is […]

3 Recent Ways Word Of Mouth Got Everyone Talking

Word of mouth is so much a part of our everyday lives that we don’t always stop to think about how we are affected by it. The landscape of social media is covered with word of mouth marketing, some of it organic (when you simply rave about a product or company that you love just […]

Where Word-of-Mouth Marketing Happens

A couple of weeks ago, as I was perusing our Twitter stream, I saw this tweet: Word-of-mouth conversations happen all the time, whether it’s sponsored by a brand or simply friends sharing their latest and greatest finds. And while social media has been a wonderful tool to enhance this very old practice, it is true […]