Featured Member Interview – Laura

Laura blogs at Semper Fi Momma, is a USMC wife and mom to three kids. She was among the fabulous ladies that made up the Friends You Love bloggers. Laura’s blog spans a wide range of topics from parenting to cooking to music and more with the occasional review or giveaway thrown in for good […]

Featured Member Interview: Alicia C.

This is Alicia, she’s cheesy. No really, we’re not being snarky, she calls herself Queso and she blogs at It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy! She’s also the cheesiest of the Friends You Love bloggers, no really – check out her picture! If a turkey on your head isn’t cheesy… Alicia hails from California, is a […]

Featured Member Interview: Kimberly O.

We have another amazing Friends You Love blogger to introduce today! Kimberly lives in Oregon, blogs at Pretty Pink Momma, is the mother of three boys and loves all things chic and pretty. On her blog you’ll find stories from her life with boys as well as reviews about items that she deems to be […]

Featured Member Interview: Chelle

Chelle is a wife to a military husband and mother to three little girls. They live in the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi and enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Chelle served in the Air Force for seven years and worked in Iraq and Turkey. These days Chelle is the writer at Winey Mommy and a […]

Featured Member Interview: Mimi B.

Today we’re delving into the life of Mimi! She blogs at Woven By Words where she shares reviews, giveaways and all manner of musings from her life. Mimi is also among the fabulous Friends You Love bloggers that we’ve been highlighting all month! Mimi hails from Minnesota, is a Twins fans (tangent – the first […]