One2One Network and Blissful Media Group offer full-service strategy, planning, production and management of influencer activations designed to reach a variety of demographic targets.

We are way more than a blog network—we’re an influencer network and our reach extends to all the major social media platforms and to offline events as well.

Best of all, with over 23,000 socially-active members and fine-tuned project management, we deliver high quality, measurable results for campaigns across a variety of business sectors.  Since women do 85% of all purchasing in the home and that is the bulk of our network make-up, it pretty much means our network is probably a fit for your product, service or cause.  Our list of services is below.

Content CreationContent Creation

Imagine your message, custom-tailored by a social media influencer who regularly reaches thousands of readers or fans in your target market. That’s the power of sponsored content creation. Whether you need a product review, or a topic-themed post, our large network of influencers can secure mass exposure for your campaign with your key audience.

Influencer Content Creation Campaigns

One2One influencers represent a wide range of tiers, tastes, and lifestyles—and we find just the right combination to create content and sponsored posts that highlight a brand and spreads informative buzz to their readers.
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Brand Advocate & Ambassador Programs

Select brand campaigns are best served with sponsored content programs to keep a brand or message top of mind over time. Whether that’s a blog series or a year-long multi-channel campaign, One2One’s deep and broad relationships within the blog and social media space allow us to oversee all aspects of execution and bring the ‘right’ voices to each brand project.
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e-Commerce Reviews

As a standalone or an add-on tactic, we manage e-Commerce review campaigns utilizing appropriate One2One members who are selected to receive a product or test a service and produce honest reviews on targeted e-Commerce sites directed by the client. All reviews include full disclosure of campaign participation.
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Native Advertising

One2One Network is an exceptional resource for brands seeking to add native advertising to their marketing initiatives via contracted writing projects by talented content creators. This content is often created to be hosted on a brand’s website or third-party publication. One2One Network takes the guesswork out of the planning and execution to create cost-effective, timely programs.
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Social MarketingSocial Marketing

Social media is an undeniable cultural and economic force (despite that one friend of yours who isn’t on Facebook and doesn’t give a hoot about Twitter, who swears it’s just a fad.) The key to making social marketing work for a brand is targeted engagement and creating user-generated content.

That’s easy to say—but we know how to make it happen via our network of over 23,000+ social media-savvy influencers.

Social Platform Campaigns & Contests

We get influencers posting, clicking, pinning, tweeting, sharing and hashtagging. Basically, if it’s a function of social media, we can spur engagement and participation across platforms through custom-designed, fully-managed campaigns, promotions, or contests
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User-Generated Content (UGC) Promotions

More and more, igniting social conversations and sharing requires something visual—a photo, a video, or an inspiration board. One2One Network members are selected to participate in user-generated content promotions, tapping into their relevant personal experiences and lifestyles. This authenticity translates to increased positive sentiment for the sponsoring brand.
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Syndicated Content & Sponsored Distribution

With 10,000 blog publisher members, there’s a lot of quality real estate we can broker. Once great content has been created—by the brand or by the public—we arrange for relevant bloggers to host widgets or other branded elements to share content, allowing for exponential distribution and increased awareness.
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Advocate AmplificationAdvocate Amplification

When One2One Network members take to their social media accounts to simultaneously spread the word about a product or promotion, the amplification results are phenomenal. What’s even better is the use of hashtags, key messaging and trackable links means you can watch your message spread.

Social Media Bursts

We classify a Social Media Burst as a one-week long, intensive amplification tactic perfect for the launch of a new product, site or any campaign that wants a quick ‘burst’ of awareness. Our members share key messaging and links with their individual networks of friends and followers on multiple social platforms en masse.
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Twitter Parties or Chats

One-hour themed Twitter conversations hosted by key One2One lifestyle influencers are a great option for a brand “event” to showcase a product cause or promotion, and provide information to potential consumers directly from a brand expert or celebrity spokesperson.
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Content Sharing

It’s common to see brands develop a great message or piece of content, only to have it not reach its potential audience at scale. With a range of creative activations, our network can share and promote images, videos, trackable links, or user-generated content directly from their member dashboard—and we capture, measure and report all that activity for our clients.
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Influencer InsightsInfluencer Insights

If you put a great product or service into the right hands, people WILL talk about it. But are you ready? Whether your product is currently in the marketplace or you’re getting ready to launch, garnering genuine, honest feedback and input from your target demographic, is an invaluable part of the process. One2One Network can implement Surveys, Sampling, Beta Testing and Focus Groups to help in the process.


Few marketers will deny the value of capturing personal insights on a product from their target end-user. When brands want to know what digitally savvy women and moms feel and think, One2One Network can deliver the gamut—from quick-turn “pulse” surveys to gauge sentiment on a certain topic to statistically viable large-scale feedback on a brand or relevant market indicator.
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Product Sampling & Seeding

Whether we’re distributing thousands of physical samples or digital full-value coupons, our O2O members are eager to sample products and report back to us with their honest opinions. To reach our influencers’ personal networks of friends and peers offline, we offer Seeding where we provide targeted members with a small bulk of products to distribute to amongst their social circles and report back what they heard on the street!
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‘Beta’ Testing

With more and more online businesses and apps targeting women and moms specifically, our digital savvy network is an optimal resource for beta testing and providing valuable feedback on consumer technology like e-commerce websites, software and mobile apps at all stages of development.
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Focus Groups

An online or in-person focus group can capture the opinions and insights you need. One2One will recruit the right group of women or moms you’re targeting and work with the client to develop the questions as well as help facilitate the discussion.
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Event PromotionEvent Promotion

As producers of the BlissDom Conference for women bloggers and social media influencers from 2008-2013, we know firsthand how much is on the line when you’re putting on an event. We help marketers promote both large and intimate events to targeted influencers to either attend or potentially co-host the event as well as spread the word about their experiences.

Influencer Outreach & Event Hosting

Nowadays, having social media influencers attend or even host your event is not just “nice-to-have,” it’s a must. One2One can secure social media ‘rockstars’ and tastemakers in key categories that matter to your brand or attendees. Your event can receive “live” social media coverage and post-event recaps from our socially-connected influencers to boost awareness of your brand’s sponsorship.
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In-Home Parties

In-home parties hosted by select social media influencers and bloggers are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, generate social buzz, and capture authentic visual content that truly showcases a product experience. Whether it’s a just a handful or hundreds of parties, our network handles it with ease.
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Conference Sponsorship Management

Six years on the planning side of a semi-annual, large-scale event equation has given us a unique perspective on what it takes to make the most of brand sponsorships. If creating a memorable, sharable, or sophisticated experience for event attendees is your goal, we can help you create a strategy to achieve that, all while building new and meaningful relationships on behalf of your brand—and, if you’d like, we’ll even provide on-site management at the event.
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Do you have a campaign that needs some special attention? We’re happy to chat with you and develop a custom solution to help you reach your objectives.

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