Smooth Sailing with Periscope: A Round-up of Tips & Tricks

smooth sailing with periscopePeriscope is the new darling of social media so naturally everyone is signing-up to claim their usernames and be part of the action.

Since Periscope is all about live streaming, there is a bit of a learning curve, but thankfully several intrepid bloggers have gone before us, tested the waters, and found them to be favorable. We’ve rounded up some key tips for getting started with and navigating Periscope so that your first broadcast (and beyond) will be nothing but smooth sailing!

Elayna Fernandez from The Positive Mom has a post of Everything You Need To Know About Periscope. This is a treasure trove of information! Here are a couple of tips we found to be very insightful:

The first image on the stream will be the thumbnail that shows up on people’s screens, so take advantage of branding. I usually place my business card (showcasing my logo and tagline) or a screen shot of my website.

HEARTS are the official Periscope currency: your popularity is measured by how many hearts you receive. It’s all about how many hearts you have! As you start getting hearts, you will notice the hearts will come in different colors; this is because hearts match a viewer’s avatar color. Your avatar color as a viewer will be different all the time.

periscope tips_chis hardwick_hearts

Screenshot of Chris Hardwick, @nerdist, periscope session with the Violent Femmes


Read this Getting Ready for your First Broadcast post by Kendra from Blissfully Domestic as you set-up your Periscope account and get ready for your first broadcast. Kendra shares some key details about the app that you might miss such as:

I would suggest to not have all of your notifications turned on because they will constantly come through.

If you want to save your broadcasts make sure you select the option to have them downloaded to your phone’s gallery.

iOS users can make the appropriate adjustments under Settings--->Notifications--->Periscope

This is an Android view. iOS users can make notifications adjustments under Settings-Notifications-Periscope


Krista Dial shared 6 Lessons From My First Periscope Broadcast and this one is definitely important!

Your phone needs to have a good charge – otherwise it will probably die…like mine did. The Periscope App consumes a lot of data and a lot of battery life. Make sure your phone has adequate charge or plug it in while you’re broadcasting.


What should you Periscope? Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim (best known for #fmsphotoaday on Instagram) says:

Not everything is Periscope-worthy. Ask yourself: Will it be interesting? Will it be funny? Will it be useful? Will it be entertaining? Make sure it’s one of those.

Chantelle offers six ideas, such as:

GIVE YOUR FOLLOWERS AN EXCLUSIVE. Say you’re a fashion blogger and you’re going to a fashion show, or to see a release of a new line of clothing, take your followers with you through Periscope! If you’re releasing a new blog design, share it with them there. If you’re picking a winner for a competition, do it on Periscope. The options are limitless.

periscope_youngmommy broadcast_screenshot

Christine Young (@youngmommy) and her husband attending a House of Songs music night at the Westin in Austin. Viewers got a sneak peek at who would be playing that night!


There are some unique legal challenges to using Periscope especially when it comes to copyright. For an excellent run down of legal issues to be mindful of while using Periscope, read Ruth Carter’s Legal Issues with Periscope blog post.

You own the content you post via Periscope, but you grant Periscope and anyone who has access to it permission to use it. An artist may be upset with you if you use Periscope to display, distribute, or perform their work without their permission – i.e., if you’re playing someone’s song, doing a dramatic (or not so dramatic) reading, or showing someone’s art (even with an attribution).


If you are ready to really dive in to Periscope and incorporate it into your blog and social media activity, Tabitha Philen of Inspired Bloggers University has written an in-depth ebook. The Ultimate Guide to Periscope is currently $49 and includes chapters on Building Your Website Traffic with Periscope & How to Make Money Using Periscope.

Are you using Periscope to grow your blog & connect with your readers?
Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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