One2One Network Members LOVE ‘Working Class’

Our very first project of 2011 was giving our members the opportunity to preview an episode of CMT’s first scripted sitcom, Working Class starring Melissa Peterman and Ed Asner.

Melissa Peterman plays Carli, a single mom of three kids who has moved to the suburbs to try and give her kids a better life. She works at the deli counter of a posh grocery store where yoga pant wearing moms sip lattes in the middle of the day and yuppy customers buy pricey baked goods for their dogs all while she tries to make the milk last by watering it down. Ed Asner is Hank, her surly, war veteran co-worker who uses military metaphors to explain life to Carli. The dynamic between Peterman and Asner is pure, comedic chemistry as they show each other up with witty one-liners.

The cast also includes Steve Kazee as Nick, Carli’s lovable but irresponsible brother who lives in her home and helps take care of her kids. Well, at he makes sure that it appears he’s taking care of them! And Patrick Fabian is Rob, the owner of the store where Carli works. She’s new, doesn’t know he’s the boss, and hits on him at the deli counter when he tries to buy a sandwich. And as they say, hilarity ensues!

As the series progresses there will be star-studded guests appearances including Reba McEntire (Peterman’s former co-star from the series, Reba), and the always funny Ryan Stiles of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? and The Drew Carey Show.

Working Class will premiere on CMT on Friday, January 28th at 8 PM/ET followed by a second new episode at 8:30. Several of our members have already viewed the premiere episode plus the attendees of the Blissdom conference, next week in Nashville, will get to view it on Wednesday night with Melissa Peterman in attendance!

Working Class has received strong praise and raving reviews from our members. Many of them are moms who really appreciate that this is a show they can watch with their families without worrying about profanity or adult situations being shown on the screen.

“If you are looking for a new show that you can watch with your kiddos in the room, this might be for you. This show seems to be taking a bit higher ground than television shows of late which…is refreshing.” ~Jennifer of Hope and Faith Creations

“I also found the episode to be family friendly. I would have no trouble allowing my entire family to watch it.” ~Tonya of Nebraska Hockey Mom

“This  is a great show, especially for women and it also makes a great show for the whole family to watch together.” ~Josely of Juciest Deals

“This show is definitely a family-oriented, funny sitcom to watch.” ~Naddez of Naddez’s Goody Corner

“I love that this show is easy to relate to and most importantly a show that my whole family can enjoy.” ~Nancy of Finding Blessing in Everyday Life

Another highlight for our members is the real-life nature of the characters and plotline. As women struggling in a difficult economy, they feel like they can relate to what Carli is experiencing. Working Class truly hits home for the working class.

“What I really liked about Working Class, … is that it has such a real quality to it. Life isn’t always unicorns and daisies, especially for a single, working class mom. They don’t sugarcoat the struggle, but you don’t feel sorry for Carli, either. You see the fire, ambition and drive in her character, and you can’t help but root for her success.” ~Jessi of Mama’s Got Flair

“The show is funny, down to earth and totally relatable.  It portrays what so many women are going through and dealing with on a daily basis.” ~Bridget of Being Frugal and Making it Work

“As a single mom, I can relate to her struggle to make ends meet, hold down a good job, parent her children and still keep her sanity.” ~April of Blessed Beyond Measure

“It is great to see it be close to reality of what times can be like especially as a single parent trying to get by and raise a family.” ~Canadian Coupon Mom

“I love that Carli is so normal, with the problems and issues that many moms face everyday, especially single moms.” ~Dawn of Checking It Out! With Dawn

“I think what I really liked about this show is you have this woman doing her best to make ends meet. She is just a regular woman with kids and the ability to juggle life. She is funny and does her best to try and make things work for her family!” ~Jennifer of For Such A Time As This

We appreciate our members taking the time to watch the premiere episode and write their honest opinions about it! And a big thank you to CMT for giving us the opportunity to spread the word about this hilarious and timely new show!

Remember, Working Class premiers on CMT on Friday, Janary 28th at 8 PM/ET with back-to-back episodes!

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