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Content Creation

● Blogger Campaigns
● Brand Advocate & Ambassador Programs
● e-commerce reviews
● Native Advertising

Imagine your message, custom-tailored by a blogger spokesperson to reach thousands of your target market who are waiting to hear what they have to say. That’s the power of sponsored blog posts. Whether you need a product review or a topical post, we can reach a large group of bloggers and secure mass exposure of your campaign to a targeted audience.

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Social Marketing
● Social Platform Campaigns & contests
● UGC Promotions
● Syndicated Content & Sponsored Distribution

Advocate Amplification
● Social Media Bursts
● Twitter Parties
● Content Sharing

When One2One Network members take to their social media accounts to simultaneously spread the word about a product or promotion, the amplification results are phenomenal. What’s even better is the use of hashtags, suggested copy, and trackable links mean you can watch your message spread.

Influencer Insights
● Surveys
● Product Sampling & Seeding
● ‘Beta’ Testing
● Focus Groups
If you put your product into the right hands, the WILL talk about it. We can distribute your product, samples, coupons, promotional materials, or a combination of all of the above to selected influencers in our network. They will then spread the word through an authentic word-of-mouth campaign designed to hit your target audience.

Event Promotion

● Influencer Outreach & Event Hosting
● In-Home Parties
● Conference Sponsorship Management

Do you have a campaign that needs some special attention? We’re happy to chat with you and develop a custom solution to help you reach your objectives