#O2OChat – Blog & Social Media Conferences

Last night we held our first Google+ Hangout on Air! It was a lot of fun and we’re so pleased that several of you came out and watched the broadcast.

If you missed it last night, no problem! It’s been recorded for posterity.

Our panelists for this #O2OChat were: Ashleigh Baker (from BlissDom), Jazzy Jones (from Blogalicious), Laurie White (from Mom 2.0 SummitBridgette Duplanits (from Reviewer’s Retreat), Andrea Bates (from SITS/Bloggy Bootcamp), and just Shannon aka Mr. Lady (from BlogHer). Give them a shout-out and let them know you watched the Hangout!

We’ll definitely be doing this again! Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, tell us, what blogging and/or social media topics do you want to learn more about?

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