O2O Members LOVE Chris Mann's New Album – Roads

One of the many perks of being an O2O member is the opportunity to hear new music before the rest of the world does. Album reviews are one of our favorite kinds of projects. It’s fun to read reviews and get feedback about new music from some our favorite artists. And while we admit to being a teensy bit biased when it comes to Chris Mann, we just had a feeling that our members would love the album as much as we do.

Even with all the work we’ve done with Chris over the past few years (his BlissDom appearances and his participation on The Voice), there are still O2O members who have not heard of him or listened to his music. However, they took the opportunity to review Roads and glowing review after glowing review keep hitting our inboxes!

Roads debuted today and immediately placed #6 on iTunes Pop Chart and 34th overall! We couldn’t be more pleased and proud of “our” Chris!

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“Now after listening to the entire album, I’d have to say I’m a new Chris Mann fan! A beautiful strong voice that’s a mix of classically-trained tenor and contemporary pop. The music is his voice. Nothing over musical or generic. His strong vocals come through loud and clear.” ~Jesi from Kids, Clutter & Chaos

“His singing style is amazing as he brings his vocal talents to tell a story with each song! I can tell you he is going to make any “standard”- song new & touch your heart with his voice & the musical instrumentals.” ~Theresa from Dear Creatives

“His voice is beautiful and I’m glad he didn’t let his coming in 4th place on The Voice deter him from recording. How often do you find classically-trained singers in music anymore? If you love beautiful music and beautiful voices, Chris Mann is one to watch and listen to!” ~Angela from Edge of Insanity

Erin L. on the title track, “Roads”- “Chris’s rich strong voice keeps you drawn into the song completely. It’s a great song to remind us of the journey we are on in life and no matter if you go astray, there’s always the road to home and not to fear what lies ahead.”

“I love the whole album. Chris has a rich passionate voice and is backed with an orchestra that makes the music full and beautiful. The arrangements are perfect and breathtaking. I will be watching for more albums from him and seeing where this road leads him next.” ~Crystal from Eccentric Eclectic Woman

“I was able to hear Chris Mann in person two times after that and it was clear he was on a journey. I noticed subtle differences each time I heard him – a slow digression from pop to classical pop with a strong opera sound.” ~Valerie from Planet Pookie

“I personally love the music and vocals and style in this album. This is something I would listen to for hours and hours and sing along to in the car, at the top of my lungs.” ~Joan of Joan & Mariah’s Reviews

Pamela R. on the Sinatra cover “My Way”- “My top pick for the album would have to be “My Way”–after listening to it I had to give Chris a standing ovation –looks pretty silly standing alone in my office clapping at the computer, BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE-I was just so moved.”

“Chris has a voice that really gets to you. I know a song is good when it can give you chills. Needless to say most of these were in that category. I typically don’t care for remakes of songs but his were beautiful. He really puts his own unique spin on everything he sings.” ~Kim of Money Saving Mommies X 2

“The album is a fascinating blend of classic tenor and contemporary pop which is pretty unusual. Songs like “Need You Now” and “The Blower’s Daughter” are so intense but kind of easy to listen to at the same time. You kind of feel like you are sitting in the front row of a Broadway show–the tenor of his voice is that amazing.” Betsy of Glamamamas Goodies

“He has a blend of pop and modern-day crooner, which mix perfectly into a gorgeous sound that you never want to stop listening to.” ~Bethany of Missouri-Made Momma

“The background of piano music, which you’ll hear in alot of his songs, was a great way to listen to some of my favorite hits during work, without disturbing any coworkers. Its light on the ear, but his voice brings it home with a strong tenor.” ~Lisa from the sweet life of a southern wife

Dana V. on “Ave Maria”- “Honest, clean, crisp vocals, performing perfect on each note leaves you beckoning for just ‘one more verse’.”

“Chris Mann has a knack for putting his heart into every song. He’s not just singing, he’s feeling it, and making sure you do to.” ~Erica of Erica Says

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  1. wow ladies. I’m truly touched by your reviews and am so happy you’re loving Roads! I’m proud to have met so many of you along this road and can’t wait to cross roads again…on this road…ok i’ll stop with the pun. road. sorry.

  2. This is such a wonderful album!

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