O2O 2012 Year-in-Review and Looking Forward to 2013!

Happy New Year everybody!

We really like how this time of year is not only good for new beginnings, but also for reflecting on the previous year to see what has been accomplished and learned. With that in mind, we’d love to highlight some key parts of 2012 and give a sneak peek to some of what is in store for 2013!

We are pleased to say One2One Network had a fantastic 2012! We worked with over 30 brands (many of them more than once), held several super successful (read: we trended!) and super fun Twitter parties, and sent out many, many sponsored post payments and member incentives!

Some of our most notable 2012 blogging campaigns included:

Q-tips – 10 bloggers worked their creative magic coming up with ingenious uses for Q-tips regular cotton swaps and new Q-tips Precision Tips. Everything from cleaning your home to applying your make-up to the cutest crafts on the block. Check our Q-tips Pinterest board to see their posts and be inspired to use Q-tips!


Barbie: The Princess and The Popstar – Barbie released her 23rd feature length movie this year to delight of little girls everywhere! One2One Network bloggers got the opportunity to host Princess/Popstar themed parties with their Barbie loving daughters. There were sparkles, squeals, snacks and more plus adorable Barbie swag for all their guests. See their posts and get amazing ideas for your next Barbie party here.


Hellmann’s Chicken Change-Up – No more boring chicken dishes, not when you use Hellmann’s! One2One bloggers put Hellmann’s chicken recipes to the test and got delicious results! Want to see? Check out our Hellmann’s Pinterest board!


RetailMeNot – At O2O, we have a lot of members who love to spread the word about how to save money and where to find the best deals. The RetailMeNot blog posting project was a perfect match them! At least 70 bloggers (and well over 100 blog posts) put the ‘word’ in ‘word-of-mouth marketing! Beginning in October, with the start of the OctoNovemCember shopping season, through Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and up to the final rush of holiday shopping and shipping, One2One Network bloggers got the word out and helped people save money!


Degree Women – As a network made-up primarily of women, this blog posting campaign was a great fit for us. The theme was “Unapologetically Strong Women” and the posts ranged from entrepreneurs finding success to meeting fitness goals for the first time to being comfortable in your own skin no matter what size you are.


Unilever Frozen Treat Social – The ice cream truck is the quintessential icon of summer and Unilever’s frozen treat brands like Good Humor, Popsicle, Klondike, Breyer’s, and Magnum are among the favorites found in that ice cream shoppe on wheels. O2O bloggers shared their favorite frozen treat memories and encouraged readers to enter the Frozen Treat Social sweepstakes where someone won a year’s worth of treats from Unilever!


Chris Mann Roads – 2012 was an incredible year for our friend, Chris Mann! He made it to the finals of The Voice and released not one, but two new albums! We sent out well over a hundred albums for O2O members to review and the verdict was pretty much unanimous – Chris Mann is AWESOME! Of course, we knew that already but now more people know it, too thanks to One2One Network members!


And what does 2013 have in store?
We’ve kicked off the new year with a tasty project from UNREAL Candy spreading the word about an incredible Sweetstakes where someone will win $10,000 to shop at Target! (That IS sweet!) And it wouldn’t be O2O without some new music to review; we’ll have more on that soon, so keep an eye on your inbox!

You can also expect more Twitter parties, more opportunities to blog about brands you love, and more opportunities to express your opinion and tell us how you really feel through our member surveys. And new for 2013 from O2O will be a series on this blog about blogging and social media basics as well as regular Google+ hangouts where we chat about all things blog related. The first one will be this month so stay tuned for details!

Now it’s your turn! We’d love to know, what was your favorite O2O project in 2012? What were your favorite 2012 moments? What are you looking forward to for 2013? Are there any brands you’d love to work with this year? Sound off in the comments, we’re all ears.


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