New Virtual Comfort Packages from Hanes

October is just around the corner and that means a cause near and dear to our hearts, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Earlier this week, Hanes launched a new app on Facebook and we’re helping them spread the word about it. It’s called the Comfort Package App and from it you can send fun, free, virtual “care packages” to your friends and family on Facebook. What does that have to do with breast cancer awareness? For every package that is sent, Hanes donates $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The best part? It’s so fun and easy to do! Here, I’ll show you!

Go to Hanes’ Facebook Page and click on the Pink tab to left under the “Fan of the Week” picture. Then click on the “Send a Comfort Package” section.

You’ll be sent to the “Get Started” page.

Click anywhere on the page. You’ll then be sent to the “Personal Touch” page where you can add up to six fun elements to your Comfort Package.

I added a recipe.

A song.

A T-shirt.

And a personal note.

Then I reviewed it and sent it to my friend and O2O coworker, Linda.

You know what feels good? Putting a smile on someone’s face. I’ve re-learned this recently and I think that knowing I’ve brought a little bit of comfort into my friend’s day brings just as much comfort, if not more to me. Try the Comfort Package app from Hanes. It’s a simple, free way to spread some love and to benefit a great cause!

What are your favorite ways of providing comfort to those you love?

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