National Women's History Month

Every March is National Women’s History Month with International Women’s Day falling on March 8th. I love learning about all the fantastic things that women have accomplished throughout history. There are many monarchs and warriors and inventors and humanitarians to admire and draw inspiration from.

And there are the women whose names are not well known to us but their contributions were still great; they paved the way for us in industry, academia, military, government and the home. I think one of the greatest assets that the women of today gained from the women of yesterday is the ability to use our voice to make a difference in the world. And even though the Internet is immense and the blogging can seem like just a drop in the bucket, someone, somewhere reads your words and draws inspiration or comfort or knowledge from them.

This year, National Women’s History Month celebrated with the theme: Our History is Our Strength. I wonder, who are the women of today that will one day be the women of history? If you could write the textbooks of the future, who would you want your great grandchildren learning about from your generation?

I’m sure we can find several of them in the 100 Women of Destiny tele-conference that has been going on all month. The list of speakers is amazing: authors, teachers, philanthropists, activists, actors, journalists, entrepreneurs, clergy, doctors and bloggers. Yes, bloggers, Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother and Tsh Oxenreider of Simple Mom are among the one hundred visionaries who have been lending their voices to help teach and empower women all over the world.

The 100 Women of Destiny conference continues on through Thursday. You can register for free to be part of tele-conferences that are currently being held. (For $49, you can purchase of the recordings so that you can go back and listen to any or all of the tele-conferences from the entire month.)

What are women doing today that you see having a great impact on our future? Who comes to mind as a catalyst, an innovator or a visionary?

One2One Network is in no way affiliated with the 100 Women of Destiny tele-conference.

photo credits: Library of Congress on Flickr, Jochen Frey on Flickr

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  1. I like that you mentioned bloggers. I think the women’s blogging community is a powerful unified voice, even though we have such different views on such a wide variety of topics. More women are being heard now than ever, and the world is really starting to listen.

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