Motherhood is…

There are a lot of adjectives that can describe ‘motherhood’. Rewarding, joyous, difficult, amazing, wonderful, messy, emotional, beautiful, stressful, glorious, tiring, invigorating, terrifying. That last one, terrifying, is one that we hope to never face. We hope to never to call 911, or feel the impact of a collision while our children are in the car with us, or hear words from a doctor like, “failure to thrive”.

Right now in our community, there is a mother who is facing those words about her young son. Longtime O2O friend, Amber Haines of The RunaMuck, has a beautiful little boy named Titus who is struggling to thrive. There have been hospitals and doctors and feeding tubes and tests and a lot of stress. Amber, her husband Seth, and Titus’ three older brothers have spent the last week in Little Rock, AR while Titus is at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. He’s improving, slowly, but the doctors still don’t know exactly what it going on with this little guy.

We share this story with you for a couple of reasons. Titus and his family can use all the positive energy they can get. If you’re the praying kind, pray. If you’re the encouraging kind, tweet or Facebook them a note of encouragement. If you’re the supporting kind, support them. Times like this are expensive. It’s not just the medical part, there’s all the expenses involved with being away from home.

Amber and Seth have this beautiful ebook available called Mother Letters. It’s a compilation of letters written by mothers to mothers. It’s brimming with wisdom and joy and laughter and encouragement. No one understands motherhood like another mother. Buy a copy for yourself or for a friend. It makes a great gift! The book is only $6.99 and every little bit can help the Haines family right now.

We know what an amazing community we are a part of and we thank you for allowing us to bring this need to your attention.


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