Marketing Tips for Influencers: Resonate

We read a lot of articles about why influencer marketing is a worthy endeavor for brands. Many of them say pretty much the same thing like citing statistics about who makes shopping decisions and who consumers are more likely to listen and relate to. But they also make points about influencer marketing tactics that influencers themselves can use to build their brand and expand their reach. This series will take advice we see in articles that are directed towards brands and turn it around to show you how to leverage it as an influencer.

marketing tips for influencers resonate

resonate (v.): to produce a positive feeling, emotional response, or opinion

The first tip we’ll look at is: Pick the right subject matter that will resonate with your target audienceThis tip was seen in the AdAge article, “Three Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing“. On the surface that seems like a fairly obvious statement from the influencers point of view. You want to create content that people will read, right? However, this tip specifically refers to branding.

Consider this quote from the article, “A 2015 study conducted by Nielsen reveals that 75% of consumers fail to match the correct brands with the ads viewed, and although brands may be reaching their audience, the majority of these customers would incorrectly attribute the brand’s ads to a competitor’s brand.”

So how does that apply to you, an influencer? It means making your personal brand, your content resonate with your audience. Being uniquely you. How do you do that? By creating and honing your personal style. It could be something like a tagline you use at the end of posts or in videos such as the way Jenny on the Spot signs off with, “Peace and sparkles!” It could be a unique way of formatting your blog posts like the way Dana from Minimalist Baker always includes a list of adjectives to describe her recipes. It could even be the way you interact with your fans and followers like how Danielle Smith regularly asks us to tell her something good about what’s going on in our lives.

How else does it apply to you? By not diluting your channels with sponsored content from companies that are not on-point with your brand or point-of-view. Stay focused on what will resonate with your audience. It can be hard to say ‘no’ to a good paying campaign, but if the brand or the product or the message do not align well with the image you are working hard to create, it’s better to decline the offer. Your readers and followers want the authentic, genuine you.

And, yes, it definitely means producing excellent, quality content that not only expresses your personal flair or style but is also relevant and engaging for your audience. Can you rebrand and change focus over time? Of course you can, and you probably will. Just be remember to invite your fans along for the adventure. If what you have offered in the past has produced positive feelings, emotional responses, or opinions towards your brand, they will happily join you.


Image credit: Pexels, gratisography

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