Make Summer Refreshing with Crystal Light Mocktails

Staying hydrated during the summer is of the utmost importance but water can be boring and sodas or cocktails have a lot of sugar. Crystal Light Mocktails give that all important hydration paired with favorite summer cocktails flavors but with no sugar and only 5 calories! The Mocktails are available in three refreshing, quintessential summer flavors: Mojito, Appletini & Margarita! We were thrilled to be able to send several of our members a couple of these new flavors to try. The response has definitely been “flavorable”!

Katie of Mommy Katie is excited about a non-alcoholic alternative to a margarita or cocktail! “I brought a couple of pitchers with the Mocktails with me to share with my friends while the kids played, the verdict? A hit with the mommas!! Crystal Light gives women a new reason to love summer with new, limited-edition Mocktails

Nicole from Nicole’s Nickels is already a Crystal Light fan and just found another flavor to enjoy! “I loved the margarita one especially – it was sweet and sour and just tasted refreshing, like summer.

They all have such a refreshing flavor and are perfect for hot summer days.” – Heidi from The Bragging Mommy

Heather of Girl Gone Mom got right down to business and created a “skinny cocktail” by adding some vodka to the Appletini flavor! “The taste was pretty close to the real thing, but without all of the sweet guilt.  (Gluten-free, too)

I made them for my mommy friends when I hosted a playdate, the margarita was definitely the favorite. It really tasted like a light margarita… none of the moms guessed it was a Crystal Light product.” – Jennifer of Sugar Pop Ribbons

Melissa from Living the Life of Riley is happy to have something delicious to drink that doesn’t compromise her diet- “it’s great to know that with Crystal Light, there are some quick and easy mocktails I can enjoy all day long, which won’t ruin my dieting progress either.

These new flavors are my FAVE now. I feel like I am sipping on a yummy mocktail all while only taking in 5 calories.” – Hollie of Real Moms…Real Views

Crystal Light Mocktails are only available for a limited time. For list of stores that may carry them, check out this information on the Crystal Light Facebook page. If you’ve been able to try them, tell us about your experience in the comments!

Appletini photo from GirlGoneMom – used with permission

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