Listening to A Stewart Family Dinner

Hi ladies! I’m Maryellen, intern extraordinaire at One2One Network and aficionado of all things music. There’s nothing I love more than stumbling upon a new act, whether it’s a much-hyped band straight out of a garage in Portland or a Portuguese bossa nova nightclub singer from the 1960’s.

Some people have a soundtrack to their life…I have curated playlists. It’s all about setting the perfect mood. People-watching in Manhattan? I’m pounding the pavement to Local Natives and Phoenix. Reading blogs while enjoying a cup of tea? It’s gotta be She & Him and The National. Meandering solo around a museum? Take it down a notch with Oscar Peterson and Norah Jones.

Hanging out with my awesome friends? Vampire Weekend and Jurassic 5 never cease to get toes tapping. An impromptu after-hours dance party? Spice Girls and Michael Jackson for the win, preferably at an ear-splitting decibel.

One assembled mix that’s consistently music to everyone’s ears is titled A Stewart Family Dinner.

A perennial work-in-progress, it’s a classy, easy-going accompaniment that flows from aperitivo to dessert and coffee. The selected tracks to follow generate a distinctly mellow vibe and won’t take over the room. So open a bottle of wine, turn the lights down low, give the risotto one last stir, and enjoy amidst a backdrop of endless laughter and witty repartee. Dig in!


  1. Oh this sounds great Maryellen, I think you need to make me a ‘mixtape’. Thanks for writing!

  2. Oooh, I want a “mixtape”, too. Love this playlist!!

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