Leveraging Influencers To Increase Holiday Sales

The place to be this holiday shopping season is with digital influencers- bloggers, reviewers, Facebook fanciers, Pinterest superstars, and beyond! It’s predicted that $100 million in sales revenue this year will come from influencer marketing.


Last year, Deloitte’s annual survey about how consumers engage with digital when shopping stated that, “digital interactions were expected to influence 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores by the end of 2015, or $2.2 trillion.” If the trend continues as expected, up to 80% of retail sales in 2016 will be influenced by digital and mobile.

Still wondering how influential digital influencers really are? The Shelf has reported that, “92% of consumers trust recommendations from others, even people they don’t know, over branded content”. Plus, when influencers share a deal, those convert up to 10 times higher than when brands send out offers. 

Both The Shelf and Deloitte tout the importance of online interactions over in-store or print promotions.

  • An estimated 64% of in-store sales during the 2015 holiday season were influenced by digital (The Shelf)
  • 70% of consumers are “leading their own shopping journeys”. That is, they are finding out about products through means other than through brand communications. What means are they using? Digital influencers, online reviews, and the suggestions of friends and family on social media! (Deloitte)

But what you’re really interested in is ROI, right?


Happy holidays, indeed!

How do you get in on the projected $100 million in revenue and 583% ROI?

1. Timing is Key

Start now. Consumer shopping surveys, including one that we conducted with our network last year, point to earlier holiday shopping start times. And a 2013 survey from Statista revealed that 40% of holiday shopping occurred before November. Brands need to be ready to engage consumers well before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday frenzy.

2. Access to the Most Relevant Influencers

It may not always be the influencers with the largest followings that are the most beneficial for your brand’s holiday campaign. Partnering with the most relevant voices is key to making the most impact with consumers.

Give your brand the gift of influencer marketing. At One2One Network, we have the largest community of influencers spanning every niche and platform. We work with each brand to find the right influencers for their brand story. Our network is ready to review your product and provide valuable feedback to consumers by creating and sharing quality digital content.


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