Let's Kick-off Summer!

This weekend will herald in the beginning of the summer season. For many people around the U.S., Memorial Day weekend holds the promise of longer days, the anticipation of time off from work or school or both, and the nostalgia of days gone by. As you make your shopping lists for backyard cook-outs or packing lists for a long weekend excursion, check out some of these sites for ideas and inspiration to make your Memorial Day weekend, well, memorable!

Many of us have already fired up grills and enjoyed the unique flavor of seared meats and veggies but Memorial Day weekend seems to hold the title for the official beginning of grilling season! Here are several recipes to drool over and hey, maybe actually try out this weekend!

Some regions of the country are already coming to the end of the school year while others still have a few weeks to go. Either way, be prepared for weekend or summer boredom with these helpful tips!

Another great way to keep busy and have fun at any age is with crafts!

Memorial Day weekend for fashionistas means one thing, it’s officially time to wear white! Check out these outfits that will be great for this weekend all the way up until Labor Day.

With that we wish you a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend and we hope that summer holds all the you’re looking forward to and more!

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  1. Thanks for including my ambrosia recipe!

  2. Thanks for including our Chevron Dress post in your Kick-off! We’re excited about kicking off summer with fancy dresses, yummy desserts, and home and decorating inspiration!

    Best wishes from the LoveFeast Girls ~ Chris Ann & Kristin

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