Kelby Carr & The Type-A Mom Bloggers Conference Dad Track

The 2nd annual Type-A Mom Conference starts this Friday in Asheville, North Carolina. Type-A Mom Conference is the brain child of Kelby Carr, founder of the collaborative magazine website by the same name. Kelby has added something new this year that, up until recently, has been lacking at mom blogger centered conferences: a Dad Track.

We caught up with Kelby to get some inside information behind this addition and the dads of the web.

1. What was your inspiration to add the Dad Track? And how did you come up with the topics?

I actually wanted to do a Dad Track from year one, but with so much going on decided to hold off to focus on launching the conference. I think dads who blog are a rising and important part of the community of parents who blog, and I also believe both moms and dads who blog benefit from coming together to network and learn. As far as the topics, that was in essence dad crowd sourced. I opened a call for dad track speaker proposals, and selected the topics that sounded most relevant and interesting.

2. Did the choice of speakers help determine the topics of the Dad sessions or did you find dads to fit sessions you already had in mind? How did you go about enlisting dads to speak?

I selected based on both, judging each speaker proposal on the merit of both the dad proposing it and the topic at hand. Enlisting dads was much more challenging since this is the first year and there was no dad programming last year, but I believe the dads we have make up an impressive list of men with amazing qualifications and varying perspectives on the space.

3. Do you think dadbloggers are on track to becoming as formidable a force as mombloggers have become?

I absolutely think that. In fact, two years ago I launched a social network and blog for dads, because I believed just that. Dads are obviously just as important in the home when it comes to parenting, and I have seen the dad blogging space grow and collaborate in amazing ways recently. There are a number of multi-author dad blogs today, and some of the web’s greatest and most humorous writing is coming from that sphere. It honestly has surprised me that companies have been slower to recognize the potential there than they have been with the mom bloggers.

4. What do you think the role of dads in social media will be in the future?

I think dads are already a tremendous influence, although they may not advertise their role as a parent as much as moms do. If you make up a short list of the top influencers in social media, you will find dads (Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, for example) at the top. I just imagine the momentum the dads who blog online have already will continue to grow.

5. There is a session titled, “What Dad Bloggers Can Learn From the Moms”; what about the other way around? What do you think the moms can learn from the dads?

Absolutely (we may have a session for 2011! Thanks!). I think moms have made many mistakes that you don’t see happening among the dads as often (or perhaps as openly). There has been a lot of back-stabbing in the mom blogosphere that is a great detriment to the community, and moms have been very quick to promote companies but ask very little (such as cash compensation) in return. It very well could be that dads go down the same route, but I haven’t seen much evidence of that yet.

6. You have married couple, Cecily Kellogg and Charlie O’Hay as speakers. How did that come about? Did you ask them separately or was it an intentional thought to bring married bloggers to a conference as speakers*?

They were both well-qualified to speak, so that was how it started, but I also love the idea of having married couples who both blog as speakers to represent the mom and dad sides.

Thank you to Kelby for taking the time to answer our questions. Will you be at Type-A Mom Conference? Linda Sellers and Malia Carden will be there. Please come find us and introduce yourself! We love meeting our members!

*Cecily and Charlie are speaking on separate panels, on different tracks.


  1. What a fun Q&A! I didn’t know there would be a session lead by a married couple–that’s getting marked as a “must-see” for sure. Can’t wait for this weekend!

    • There’s not a session led by Charlie & Cecily, they are speaking on separate panels. We just found it interesting a married couple would be speaking at the same conference and not necessarily together. They both have their unique talents and focuses when it comes to blogging.

  2. I love Kelby for understanding the role and the upcoming place of dads in social media… its going to be a great conference and the dads are just starting – wait and see if you thought 2010 was the year of the dad blogger wait till 2011 its going to be amazing what everyone in this space is doing!

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