It’s a WINTER Awakening!

Notice anything…different? For the last year or so, our small but mighty team has been “all hands on deck” behind the scenes. We’re so excited to finally yank this curtain off and show you what we’ve been up to.

That’s right! It’s a whole new O2O—but don’t call it a comeback!

Months of consultation, development, trial and error, and many (many) cups of caffeinated rocket fuel have been poured into this labor of love.

And we think you’re gonna like it.


From top to bottom, front to back, our new platform was tailored with YOU—our Members—in mind. The social media space has changed so much since our inception in 2008. It ain’t just WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter anymore!

Look—we’re not the only influencer marketing network out there, but we wholeheartedly believe in the phenomenal power of the online influencer and want to suit everybody’s needs. So we sat around a conference table and brainstormed a bunch of “How’s.

  • How can we create a portal that welcomes every type of digital influencer—the Blogging Betty, the Instagram Ingénue, the Pinterest Pundit, etc.?
  • How can we optimize the user experience?
  • How can we entice new voices to join One2One Network?
  • How can we attract even more high-profile clients?
  • How can we align our Members with relevant brands, companies, and causes they’re passionate about?
  • And obviously, how can we make it look pretttttty?

We hope this gets our Members talking—that’s precisely what you’re all so good at! If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that when you reach one O2O member, you’re reaching her entire network of friends. And the more the merrier ’round here.

That being said, the work designed to revamp One2One Network will not end with our ribbon cutting. We’re gonna collectively e-x-h-a-l-e, pop something bubbly, pat ourselves on the back, and then swan dive right into Phase 2. We’ll be taking all feedback—the good, the bad, the ugly—to make our bespoke Member Portal even better. We want to hear you loud and clear.

So go right ahead and dig in, update your Member Profile (or sign up to become a member) , connect all your social media channels, and experience the future of One2One Network! We’re going to click so well together.


  1. Where do we find member badges?

    Why wasn’t an email sent out to existing members?

    • Malia Carden says:

      Hi Cole!

      The member badges are not ready yet but will be in a few weeks. 🙂

      We sent an email to members on Friday, February 7th that contained a unique link to your profile to get you set-up in our new member portal. It had the subject line, “TIME SENSITIVE: Activate Your New O2O Member Profile for 2014 Projects”. If it didn’t come to your inbox, try checking your spam folder.

      Hope to work with you soon!

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