Is Google+ A Good Place for Bloggers?

In a long anticipated move, Google+ opened up pages for businesses this week. (Read about how to do that here.) Companies all over the web have been staking their claim on this newest of social media sites including many bloggers (like Uppercase Woman Media) and yours truly, One2One Network. But just how helpful will it actually be to have a Google+ presence? It’s going to depend some on how you use it and some on who is using Google+.

Why Have a Google+ Page For Your Blog?

1. You have a Twitter account and a Facebook page for your blog. You list your blog as your business on your LinkedIn profile. Is Google+ just another notch on your social media belt? Yes and no. While having a Google+ presence does seem to round out the major social media venues, what you do with your page is going to determine whether or not it’s a benefit for you. Are you simply going to mirror what you put on Facebook and Twitter? Or are you going to have a different focus for you content on Google+?

Since business pages are still so new, it’s hard to tell at this point what will be the best strategy. Several brands that have set-up their pages are providing different or modified content than what is found on their other social media sites (like the Dallas Cowboys), others, so far, have simply used it as an additional place to put Facebook and Twitter content (Starbucks, for example).

2. In terms of effectively reaching people, Google+ provides another venue for promoting yourself and your blog. There are people who are spending more of their social media time on Google+ rather than on Facebook and Twitter. Having your business or blog on Google+ can be a way to reach them. One hurdle though is that Google+ users must add your business page to their circles before you (your business page) can add them to your circles. You’ll need to spend some time promoting your new Google+ page via your personal Google+ page and possibly your other social media accounts to make sure you’re getting the eyes on it that you want.

3. Business pages are able to utilize that unique and handy Google+ feature called the “hangout”. Several brands, like Good Morning America and The Muppets have already utilized hangouts to connect with their fans. Bloggers can get creative too and find fun way to make the hangout a part of their Google+ experience.

Tips for Getting Started on Google+

1. Be sure to review the Terms of Service. In the several months that Google+ has been operational, they have been more than willing to shut down pages that do not comply. It seems that many brands and bloggers were hoping to move their contests and giveaways over to Google+ to get around the Facebook terms of service for contests. Turns out Google+ doesn’t want you running contests there either.

2. Get a shortened, personalized URL for your Google+ page. The URL provided by Google is a string of numbers but at you can turn that string of number into an easier to remember and nicer looking address like this –

3. Your Google+ page comes with four preset tabs: Posts, About, Photos, Videos. If you don’t plan to post photos or videos, you can remove those tabs from your page. Mashable show you how here.

4. And just like with present tabs, your page comes with preset circles. Be sure to use them! Also, add other circles that more accurately reflect the people you are interacting with on your Google+ page. Your business page is set to a default “Public” sharing option but you can adjust that so that you share certain updates with people in specific circles.

5. Add “Useful Links” on your About tab. This section on the right hand side of your About tab lets you link to other places of interest. You can put anything there that would you like. Many pages are using that spot to link their Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social media sites.

Have you set-up a Google+ page for your business or blog? Please leave your link in the comments so that we can be sure to connect with you! And if you’re a Google+ user (with a personal profile) would you consider adding One2One Network to your circles? We’re looking into ways to use Google+ to interact with our members and promote projects!


  1. I created a page for my blog, Ting’s Mom Blog. I’m new at Google+ so I’ll be learning as I go!

  2. I just figured out the short url, haha! Try this:

  3. I’m glad I read this article. I actually set up my Google+ page yesterday, but I went about it somewhat blindly. I’ve yet to decide on content so far, and have just posted a couple of images and some contact info. We’ll see…

    And thanks for posting the link shortener! It is MUCH better than using a tons of characters. My page is:

  4. I claimed one for my blog but haven’t set anything up on it. That’s my goal for today.

    Come visit me at

    I already added One2One Network.

    And I hate that I cannot add pages to my pages circles.

  5. Thank you for posting this! I claimed my page within the first hour of release & now am not sure what to use it for.

    The tip was so helpful! Here’s my shortened url:

    Thinking it might be a great way to have a “twitter style” conversation but at a more “facebook style” speed?

    Headed to o2o to my circle ;D

    Happy Day!

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