Is Google Analytics Tracking Your Mobile Users?

by Jamie H.

Is Google Analytics Tracking Your Mobile Users?Google changed the game again and is now requiring all sites to be mobile friendly. No problem, you installed the awesome WPtouch Mobile Plugin and you’re good to go right? Yes, except suddenly, according to Google Analytics, you are losing visits to your site. What happened?

You need to set up your Google Analytics in the WPtouch Mobile Plugin. It’s super easy to do but most people don’t know they need to do it. In this post, I show you how to put Google Analytics into the WPtouch Mobile Plugin so that your mobile users are tracked.


1) Log into your Google Analytics dashboard and click on Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

Google Analytics_WPtouch Mobile Plugin_2


2) Copy your entire tracking code.

Google Analytics_WPtouch Mobile Plugin_3


3) Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on WPtouch > Core Settings

4) Scroll down to Custom Code and paste your tracking code there

Google Analytics_WPtouch Mobile Plugin_4


5) Click on Save Changes and you’re done!

6) Analyze your mobile users.

I am not a WordPress or Google Analytics expert by any means. I blog about ideas for living in the moment with your kids and other parenting things over at I do know, however, that I, along with many of my fellow bloggers, appeared to lose traffic when we went mobile. After much discussion and searching, we found that installing Google Analytics in our WPtouch Mobile Plugin seemed to solve our problem. I thought I would share this post with you to save you the stress of losing traffic too.


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