iPiccy vs. Picnik – How Do They Compare?

Last week we took a look at PicMonkey, a new online photo editing service that seeks to fill the gap that Picnik will be leaving when it goes offline on April 19th. Another new service, is iPiccy, also free and with many of the same tools that Picnik offered.

I started off the same way I did with PicMonkey by uploading a recent photo to edit. The first thing I notice is that iPiccy’s edit screen looks quite similar to Picnik’s!


The first edit I made was to select “Fix Image”:



I was very happy with the way the image was “fixed”. It lightened the shadows and brightened the photo without over saturating the colors.

Cookies don’t look appealing with the Orton Effect that I used on the flowers in PicMonkey, but the Bloom Effect makes them look soft and really pops the color of the M&Ms.



OK, maybe a little too soft, let’s adjust that bloom a bit shall we?



Much better! Then it was time to check out some the Effects from iPiccy. There are Orton, Bloom, Cross Process, etc., just like Picnik and PicMonkey but iPiccy has several Effects I’d not seen on the other two services. Like a Wanted Poster:



You can adjust the coloring and the wording on this poster. So fun! And here’s another fun one called Shine:


Divine cookies, anyone?

iPiccy has the ability to put text on your photo as well. There are several fun fonts including ones not available on Picnik or PicMonkey.


And finally, I took a look at the borders. Again, I was a bit disappointed in the options. No before/after border like Picnik offered and only six borders (they’re called Frames on iPiccy) to choose from. This Reflection Frame was the most unique.



Like PicMonkey, iPiccy is also lacks the ability to create collages. However, it does boast the advanced Levels, Curves, and Clone Tools that were available on Picnik’s premium plan. You can also share your photos to Facebook, Flickr, or with a unique URL (that ability was missing from PicMonkey). iPiccy is completely free to use and there is no registration required. All of their editing tools are available without a subscription or upgrade.

Overall, I really enjoyed using it. I was happy to see some of the features from Picnik that I would be missing. And the fact that iPiccy greatly resembles how Picnik was designed makes the learning curve that much easier.

Have you tried iPiccy? What are your thoughts?


  1. Hi! Ever since I found out about iPiccy months ago, it is the default photo editor I use. From its birth of just a few features to a vast variety of features at the present time, you simply wouldn’t look for another editor to make further adjustments or add more features to your photo. Now that it has a collage maker (and lots of different options to choose from), I don’t look for other photo collage maker online. Plus, it’s user friendly as well.

  2. Anthony says:

    Thanks for this article Malia. Have you tried It’s only recently opened and is very similar to Picnik.

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