Internet Blackout Day to Protest SOPA & PIPA

Several website have gone “dark” today to protest the two anti-piracy bills that are before Congress right now. SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA, the Protect IP Act. Most of the websites maintain that they are all for making sure piracy is stopped, however the language used in these bills would make it all too easy for any website to be shut down without due process.

Here’s a list of who is “going dark” today.

Join the strike and write your congressperson here.

Why SOPA is dangerous

Google: End Piracy, Not Liberty

The Oatmeal’s take on it (FYI – possibly NSFW or if you have young eyes around)

And finally I’ll leave you with something a friend of mine posted on Facebook this morning, “I’d tell you to stop SOPA and PIPA but everyone else is telling you that today. What I will instead tell you is to put on your calendar to keep calling your congressperson once a month about it. Because what they’re counting on is that we make a big fuss for a few days and then go on to something else. So please–the best thing you can do is set up an autoreminder in Events or iCal or Outlook to remind yourself to keep asserting your freedom while you still can.

It’s not just about today or when Congress comes back from their break and takes a look at these bills again. Use your voice. Be heard.

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  1. This was so a cool thing for these websites to do. I am glad they did it. I hope they keep fighting

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