I Have a Code in my Node

Well, what you meant to say was, “cold in my nose”, but your nose is stuffed up and even when you blow your nose, nothing really comes out, your head hurts and you’re just plain miserable. You’re sick with a cold or maybe the Spring allergies have attacked your sinuses. Whatever it is that’s ailing you, you need relief.

Have you ever wished that there was something on the drug store shelves that would relieve the swelling of your nasal passages that causes all that congestion?

You may not even realize that’s the number one cause of nasal congestion. Most people don’t, they just know the feel bad, a recent poll revealed that 79% of Americans are not aware that “inflamed nasal passages” are a potential cause of nasal congestion.

So back to finding relief, you want something that will really tackle the congestion where is starts and Advil® has it! New this season and currently available in stores is Advil® Congestion Relief, a new solution that directly treats what is often the real cause of congestion – swelling due to nasal inflammation. “Advil® Congestion Relief combines the power of Advil® and an effective decongestant, to provide relief from sinus pressure, nasal swelling, congestion, and headaches.”

Several of our select members are going to be giving their thoughts about Advil® Congestion Relief over the next couple of weeks. We’re looking forward to hearing what they have to say about this new product!

Modern medicine is a wonder! Getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated while weathering a cold is also a good idea. And when I get sick, I like to curl up on the sofa with a soft blanket and a pile of DVDs. What kind of comforts do you indulge in when you’re sick?

Advil® Congestion Relief is a current One2One Network project.

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