How to Join and Participate in the O2O Member Love Campaign

Our first ‘all skate’ project is a fun one designed to show you some of the key features for using our upgraded member portal. This is a totally optional project! It’s not brand sponsored so there’s no payment for posting but we will be doing gift card drawings each month through the end of 2016. Also, by updating your member profile and connecting your social accounts, you have a better chance at getting chosen for paid campaigns. 🙂

The two most common types of campaigns revolve around social sharing and blog posting. This campaign has both elements.


To be able to see a campaign that you’ve been invited to participate in, you must click on the unique campaign link included in the email or newsletter outreach. You will not automatically see projects on your dashboard until you’ve joined and/or been accepted.

When you click on the unique link, you’ll come to a page like this:

o2o join project page


Read through the campaign description, then click on the sign in button to join the campaign.


There are two modules you can join for this campaign: Amplification and Blog.

amplification and blog modules

Amplification is the social sharing component, such as tweeting, sharing to Facebook, pinning to Pinterest, posting to Instagram, etc. To participate in social sharing, click on Join Amplification. Voila! You’ve joined!

join amplification

Clicking on the Go There Now button makes the campaign page look like this:

amplification module

Select the Amplification box to access all the info and to be able to share directly to your social profiles. Read through the campaign instructions and scroll down to see the images you can share. Click on the icon of the social site you want to share to and follow the instructions.

amplification instructions images


  • To share on Instagram, you’ll be sent an email with the image attached and a post that you can copy and paste. If you choose the .gif image (spinning O2O logo) to share on Instagram, you’ll also need to download the .mp4 from the provided Dropbox link because .gif images can not be posted to Instagram. You will also need to download the .mp4 to correctly share a moving image to Facebook.
  • Currently the only option for sharing directly to Facebook is posting to your personal timeline. If you would rather (or in addition to your personal timeline) post on your blog page, you’ll need to copy the post and download the coordinating image from the provided Dropbox links.


To participate in the Blog portion, you must have a blog connected to your member profile. Also, if there is any required social sharing, you must have those accounts connected as well. To connect your blog and/or social accounts, click on your name in the top right corner and then select the Social Accounts tab on the left side of your profile page. Click on the social account buttons you need to connect and follow the instructions.

To join the blog portion of a campaign, click on Join Blog and then click on Apply. (The payout amount for this project says $0.00 since this is not a brand sponsored campaign. Brand sponsored blog campaigns will have an actual amount listed.)

join blog module

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive an email from with the subject line: You’ve received a message…, and a link to login to your profile. Click on the link, log back in, and the project will now be on your member dashboard.

On your dashboard select the project and then click on Join Blog. You’ll be taken to the blog posting guidelines. Click on the orange Join Campaign, check the “I agree to the Terms of Service” box, and then click on the green button at the bottom.

terms of service

You’re now part of the blog program! Read through the instructions and get started on your post.

Reporting Your Posts

To report links/posts, click on the orange Submit button at the top right of the module.

submit your links

Amplification/Social Sharing Links

To report social shares in the Amplification module, select the network your reporting a link for (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) and then paste your link into the Link field. Click on the green I’m All Done button to submit. You can continue adding links until the campaign has ended.

submit your links_select network

Blog Posts

To report your blog post, enter the title of your post, the direct link (URL) to your blog post, and a link (URL) to an image from your post, plus any required social sharing links.

o2o submit blog post report

Remember, this is all completely optional! But we thought it would be a good way to introduce you to how the new system works. PLUS by updating your profile and connecting your accounts, you have a better chance at getting chosen for paid campaigns. That’s a win for everyone!

If you have any questions about how to join this project or report your links, please reach out to us at