Holiday Shopping Survey Recap

HolidaySurvey-title-300x178November is here and even though you probably still have pumpkins on your porch, retailers across the continent are in full-swing winter holiday mode. It’s shopping season! Earlier this fall, we asked you to take our Holiday Shopping Survey. Here’s what we found out about your gift-giving, list-making, jingle-belling, tree-trimming, hall-decking plans and behaviors.

When You Shop:


How You Spend:

Hey, big spender? Not exactly. 86% of you are spending the same (53%) or less (33%) than last year.

Where You Spend:

Shopping in pajamas from a comfy couch beats elbowing through crowded malls and waiting in mile-long lines.

Where You Find Inspiration:


When asked about using social media and blogs as holiday budget helpers, we learned that you (no surprise!) have social media in the bag – and in your wallets. Over 70% get your gift ideas from your social media feeds, and more than 3/4 seek deal and coupon info across your social media platforms.


The Deal On Deal Days:

No matter where you fall on REI’s #OptOutside decision, only 16% of you will NOT shop on Black Friday and almost 80% will head out to big box stores and other brick & mortars.

And y’all are in it to win it when it comes to early bird deals – 40% say you’ll be out before the sun comes up!

The reasons you shop Black Friday run the gamut from practical to amusing. 87% love the deals, 40% are carrying on tradition and almost 30% say it’s the “entertainment value” of watching people go out of their minds that gets them out of the house!


Questions on Cyber Monday found that more than 60% of you cite great deals, free shipping, flexibility, and less hassle as the main drivers behind the Monday rush. Who gets your cyber dollars on Cyber Monday? Major online retails like Amazon and Zappos are the most popular but you’re also nearly equally divided between checking out major retail chain sites and perusing your inboxes to find the best deals.


How You Give:

When it comes to deciding on what presents to give, over 40% of you enjoy handpicking items you think your friends and family will appreciate.


And when it comes to gift cards, 85% of you give them as gifts and most of you (75%) love to receive them!

Is charitable giving part of your holiday gift-giving budget? Yes! You are a generous group. Over 80% of you answered either “yes, every year” or “sometimes, depends on the year”. Yay for giving!

How You Feel About It All:

Finally, we asked you to tell us how holiday shopping really makes your feel. Good news! On the whole, this actually is the hap-happiest time of the year.

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