Gaining Snow How at Sugarbush with Cabot

I know the snow has been the bane of many at the moment but there are some instances that an abundance of snow is a blessing.  Personally, I like all kinds of travel but I think I’m more of a mountain/snow person than a beach/sun person.  Those who know me know that I’m happiest when I’m at the top of a mountain soaking in the view before I hit the slopes with my husband and family on our snowboards.

I had only ever gone riding in the west (CA, UT, CO, AK and BC in Canada) but recently I had the pleasure of being invited to experience Sugarbush Resort in VT.  The fun thing was that not only was it my birthday weekend (which I got to share with my best friends) but also, I got a chance to experience a Learn To Ski/Snowboard weekend.  After almost 20 years of snowboarding, I figured I was ready to ‘Learn to Ski’ again.  The last time I put on skis, I was in my late teens and they were straight skis and super long.  (Yeah, and I may have been sporting a headband and raybans as well.  So like totally awesome!) The technology has changed so much over the past two decades and I was ready to give it shot.  My daughter skis now and I thought I would be great to be able to have the choice to ski or snowboard.


Me & My BFF's Chris & Shanna

So as a guest of the fabulous folks at Cabot Creamery and Ski Vermont, we joined Susie and Chelsee of We Are Not Martha and Robyn Moreno of BePracticallyPosh to take the ‘First Timers’ challenge.

Sugarbush has a really amazing program where if you are a true first-timer to skiing or snowboarding, for only $230 you can take a 3-Day First Timer Package and then at the end of the third lesson, you get a SEASON PASS to Sugarbush.  What a brilliant way to not only encourage learning but also incentivize them to keep coming back to enjoy their new skills.   Sugarbush is only a few hour drive from Boston, Providence and New York and if you like to fly (like me), it’s a quick one hour flight into Burlington and just a 40 minute drive to Warren, VT from there.  It really IS perfect for a weekend trip with the family or a couple of friends.

So our weekend was to show it’s never to early (or late) to learn to ski or snowboard. In our group, we had ladies representing 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50 year-olds and yes, one wonderful newbie who was finally learning to ski at 60. Her kids had skied for years and now, it was her turn!

Here’s a video of our Team Snow How experience at Sugarbush.

There is no way that I could do a better job of showing what our weekend was all about than the girls at WeAreNotMartha did so check out all the fabulous details there.   The folks at Cabot and Ski Vermont really thought of everything.  You could tell how much care was put into the entire experience.

I’m not surprised though because the more I find out about people behind Cabot, it makes total sense, they do things from the heart…but that’s a whole other post.

There is still so much time left in the season and you might as well put all this snow to good use.  Here’s more information about Sugarbush tickets, accommodations and special events.  They also have great women’s programs and a resourceful ‘Parent’s page’ that answers a bunch of questions you might have.  I highly recommend it.

Thanks to our hosts Roberta Macdonald, Jen Neary and Candace Karu from Cabot, Kathy Murphy from Ski Vermont, the impressive President of Sugarbush, Win Smith, along with our instructors Gary and Meredith and ski legend John Eagan as well as renaissance-man (pro-snowboarder/video producer/graphic designer/cool daddy)  Sean Neary for the Team Snow How video, his bad-ass designs for our Drop goggles & gloves and for escorting me on one last run before we had to go.

Thanks again for such a lovely experience oh and by the way, that habanero cheese is ree-dic-u-lous!

Note: I attended this event where my travel, accommodations and lessons were gratis. There were no obligations to recap my experience and all opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Isn’t Sugarbush amazing?! We went there for a family vacation last year and had an absolute blast!

    It was the first time attempting to ski…and after a lesson, I was swooshing down the beginner hill! 🙂

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